Welcome to BPI Campus: 289 square inches of pixels surrounded by Realworldia

Please review The BPI Experience links on the left hand side of the screen. They will answer a lot of your questions about our campus.

This page contains some links to the Campus meta, the FAQ and tips and tools for getting the most out of your time here. Remember, you never have to graduate from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute and the tuition is free, although the Squirrel is on a work-study program.


Always start out in the My Dorm Room link on the Menu Bar to see the latest comments and who else is online. This is also the login screen. [Note: Other ways to track comments are below]

These HEMMED In posts will provide you with some Meta to help you navigate the site:

The WordPress Dominion

Campus Virtual Tour I

Campus Virtual Tour II

Campus Virtual Tour III (Added during BPI Anniversary Week – May 9-13, 2011)

BPICampus.com Tour

BPICampus.com Tour (The Front Page)


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I sign up to be a Student (Subscriber) at Blogistan Polytechnic Institute (BPICampus.com)?
A: Click the My Dorm Room link on the Menu Bar on the Home Page or use this link. There will be an option to Register for a new account. For users who have accounts on other progressive blogs, it will be easier to recognize you if you use the same user id but it is certainly not required. An email will be sent to you with a temporary password and the BPI Webmistress will be notified of your enrollment. Everyone starts out as a subscriber. If you would like to be a Contributor to the web site content, review the requirements in the About BPI link under The BPI Experience on the left side of the screen. Then send an email to the Publisher (see the Contact Us link).

Additional note on Registration:
After creating an account, you will get an email with the computer generated password which will allow you to log in. One warning: you cannot log in until you get the password from the BPIWebmistress. Check your junk mail folder as email from any new sender may appear to be spam. It may take up to an hour to get your registration email depending on your email provider.

If get stuck or if the computer generated password is too difficult to enter, contact the BPI Webmistress for help. She can issue you a temporary password to get you started. Always include your user name when corresponding.

Q: I want to comment on one of your excellent Posts but I am not sure how to do that. Can you describe that in more detail please?
A: Sure. Locate the comment you want to reply to and click Reply on the far right hand side of the screen (if you want to reply to the Post, use the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of the screen). When you have composed your Reply, press Preview. This will give you a preview of what your Reply will look like. If you are pleased with it, click Submit Comment, otherwise click Hide Preview which will return you to the Leave a Reply box for cleanup. Buttons are provided to help you add emphasis, images, links and blockquotes as well as stylish emoticons.

Q: What if I make a mistake on my comment and it contains a (gasp!) typo?
A: We do not require perfection. We have provided the capability of editing your comment. However, we ask that you respect the other bloggers by not editing out meaningful content (which someone may have replied to) and using it only to correct typos or bad links. It turns out that the only people who can fix typos are Editors and Admins. If the typo is particularly distressing to you or you have OCD and will not be able to sleep until the Comment is fixed, reply to your own comment with the requested repair. Someone will fix it.

Q: What if I am offended by someone’s comment?
A: Contact the bpiwebmistress and the comment will be removed if disruptive. Please review the guidelines for writing on BPI. The same guidelines apply to commenting.

As more questions come up, I will add them here. And maybe even the answers.


Tips for Reading and Reviewing:
– The RSS Feed button on the menu bar (at the far right end) will give you a list of the last 10 Posts on bpicampus.com and a quick way into a list of comments. If you have been away from the site for a few days, it is a great way to catch up. This is the same link as the Entries RSS link in the left column under Site Meta.

More on Commenting (updated 10-23-2010) from JanF:

WordPress – Working with Comments

I have noticed some of my comments going Unloved recently and rather than assume that my comments are unloved (which would make me cry), I am going to assume that all you alls do not know how to find my “waiting to be loved” comments.

There are a couple of ways to review comments. One way I use is the RSS Feed. If you open a tab on your browser and put this link into the address http://bpicampus.com/comments/feed/ you will have a list of the last 10 comments made on BPI. I keep this tab up all day (it is on my startup home page list of tabs) and refresh it occassionally. It also serves to help you see when new posts are up because if a comment is for something new, you will see the new article and can go directly to it. The limitation to this is that it only shows the last 10. On a hot article that is not all the comments and if you join a Morning Feature late, it will not show you comments that were made overnight as those would have fallen off the list.

Another way is via My Dorm Room…in boring old WordPress this is a Dashboard. That link is handily at the top of every BPI web page. If you go into the Dashboard, you can see Recent Comments and links to reply or just read. The Recent Comments only shows you the last 5 comments but (an important but) there is a button at the bottom of that list that says View All. Every comment in descending date order is there. Waiting for love!

For those who are used to Scoop (the DailyKos web interface) this process is what we call “different”. On the GOS you have a page that shows you your comments and the replies to them. And shows you when there are new comments for articles you have hotlisted. I admit to a fondness for knowing when someone has replied to me and I have looked for a better comment mechanism or at least a better notification mechanism. When I find it, you will be the first to know.

The Google Reader
It has come to my attention that many of you don’t realize that the Campus Center is open for chatter 24/7. This is the spot for random musing, a card game or to promote something you found on BPI Campus (or elsewhere) that you think your fellow students would enjoy.

“But how do I know that someone left a new comment?” you ask. Well, it is easier than you think. The Comments RSS feed is nice but it only shows the last 10 comments. On a heavy comment day in one or more of the posts, it does not take long for the comments to roll off the 10 and then you are in danger of missing an excellent comment on an older post. That almost happened to me this morning which reminded me.

Teh Ebil Google has kindly provided a tool called Google Reader. Once you set up a Google account, you can use this feature to capture BPI articles feed and BPI comments feed.

Here is how it works:
1. Go to Google.
2. Click on More (from the link list across the top).
3. Choose Reader from the list
4. Log into Google. Tell it to remember you so you don’t have to keep doing that.
5. Click Add a Subscription
6. Enter this: www.bpicampus.com/feed
7. Click Add. That is the feed for BPI Campus posts. All new articles will be there.
8. Click Add a Subscription
9. Enter this: www.bpicampus.com/comments/feed
10. Click Add. That is the feed for Comments

To get back to the list, just click Reader. It remembers your subscriptions.

This list will continue to grow until you read or mark them read from the Google Reader…it does not know that you read them on BPI. What I do is review the list and make sure I have seen everything then I click the button that says “Mark All as Read”.

This works from cell phones and from the Internet. I have a link in a tab on my browser that I refresh. The comments are not updated instantly but you can click Refresh on the Google Reader and all the new ones come in. My cell phone does not do RSS feeds directly so this is a great way to keep up with campus doings when I am travelling or offline.


Tools you might find useful:
– Here is a link to a site where you can download a desktop program that tells you when comments come in on the BPI Campus site: Comments Notifier. I installed it and it seems to work well. No warranty.

If you have any questions, email the bpiwebmistress at bpicampus.com or leave a comment in one of the HEMMED In columns.