Author: The BPI Squirrel

GOP Grift, God-King Lies, plus Other Stuff

Alex Pareene says suckers elected the Sucker-in-Chief. (More) “A large and lucrative industry is dedicated to lying to them” In a must-read article at Fusion, Alex Pareene puts our political malady where squirrels like things – in a nutshell: If you want to understand intra-GOP warfare, the decision-making process of our president, the implosion of the Republican healthcare plan, and the rest of the politics of the Trump era, you don’t need to know about Russian espionage tactics, the state of the white working class, or even the beliefs of the “alt-right.” You pretty much just need to be...

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Democracy Wounded but Not Dead

“Is democracy dead?” I asked the lowly mail-room clerk. “It’s wounded,” she said with a shrug, “but not dead.” (More) “Democracy is always vulnerable to tribalism” I asked her to explain, and she did: First, we must be clear on what ‘democracy is dead’ might mean. If the test of democracy’s vitality is whether an investigation of the God-King’s Russia ties will lead to his impeachment or resignation, then yes, democracy is probably dead. He won’t be impeached unless someone finds a tape of him promising to let Vladimir Putin run U.S. foreign policy. When all the facts come...

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Gorsuch and the ‘Nuclear Option,’ plus Other Stuff

The hand-wringing over whether Senate Democrats should filibuster Neil Gorsuch makes me glad I have paws…. (More) “Senate Democrats set the stage…” As everyone knows, the Senate was a collegial body until Democrats blew it up in 1987 by voting against Robert Bork, or maybe in 2003 when they filibustered D.C. Appeals Court nominee Miguel Estrada, which they had absolutely no right to do because the president is entitled to see his judicial nominees confirmed, unless he’s a Democrat, in which case the Senate should not even hold hearings – and not just for a president’s final year in...

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God-King and Incitement, plus Other Stuff

Last week a federal judge held it was “plausible” that the God-King incited violence at his rallies…. (More) “Get them out! Get them out!” The case concerns three protesters who were attacked at a God-King rally in Louisville last March. When they began to protest, the God-King yelled “Get them out! Get them out!” Several white supremacists at the rally then struck and pushed the three out of the rally. Here’s a local TV news story with footage of the incident: The protesters filed a lawsuit charging assault and battery against two people who struck them and incitement, vicarious...

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Ex-FBI Agent Says God-King Used Russian ‘Active Measures’

A former FBI agent told the Senate Intelligence Committee to see the elephant in the room. (More) “What nobody is really saying in this room” Yesterday Senate Intelligence Committee member James Lankford asked why Russia meddled more than usual in the 2016 election, and former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts was ready with the answer: The answer is very simple and it’s what nobody is really saying in this room. Which is, part of the reason active measures have worked in this U.S. election is because the Commander-in-Chief has used Russian active measures at times, against his opponents. Watts...

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