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AP Poll: Disapproval, Wrong Track

A new AP/NORC poll finds 2/3rds of Americans disapprove of the God-King and 3/4ths think we’re on the wrong track. (More) “The broader picture for the president is grim, too” If reading the day’s news feels like diving into a dumpster, you’re not alone. In fact, most Americans agree with you, according to a new AP/NORC poll: Just 24 percent of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction after a tumultuous stretch for President Donald Trump that included the threat of war with North Korea, stormy complaints about hurricane relief and Trump’s equivocating about white supremacists....

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Sadness, Scandal, Conspiracy, and Reality

Monday was the saddest day in Twitter history, and that’s part of a trend…. (More) “This is the lowest measurement we’ve ever had” Mathematicians Chris Danforth and Peter Dodds have been tracking us. By “us” I mean mostly you humans, although there are several squirrels and cats and even a llama on Twitter. But mostly they’re tracking humans, and specifically humans’ emotions, with a word-counting number-cruncher they call the Hedonometer: Our hedonometer is based on people’s online expressions, capitalizing on data-rich social media, and we’re measuring how people present themselves to the outside world. For our first version of...

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Policy, Science, and Politics

The conservative war on science is one reason we can’t have good things…. (More) “Cherry-picked the more negative findings in the field” You probably saw the click-bait headline at the Washington Post: “I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.” It’s a story by former FiveThirtyEight writer Leah Libresco who, until that article, was probably best known for her atheist-to-Catholic memoir Arriving at Amen, and her anti-gun-control story immediately became yet another right-wing lodestone. Vox’s German Lopez notes that Libresco’s column is … shoddy science: But despite the article’s headline and author Leah...

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Hurricane Maria and Victim-Blaming

Conservatives are building a narrative to abandon Puerto Rico. (More) “If so many people weren’t sitting around waiting for roads to clear themselves” For four critical days, the God-King played golf, argued on Twitter … and ignored the devastation of Hurricane Maria: As Hurricane Maria made landfall on Wednesday, Sept. 20, there was a frenzy of activity publicly and privately. The next day, President Trump called local officials on the island, issued an emergency declaration and pledged that all federal resources would be directed to help. But then for four days after that – as storm-ravaged Puerto Rico struggled...

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SCOTUS’ Frightening Docket

Over the next few months, the Supreme Court are set to entrench the GOP…. (More) Gill v. Whitford This is a case from Wisconson, where the trial judge held that Republican legislators intentionally crafted a gerrymandering plan “that systematically dilutes the voting strength of Democratic voters statewide.” How blatant was it? One of the mapmakers wrote this in his notes for briefing state legislators: ‘The maps we pass will determine who’s here 10 years from now,’ and ‘[w]e have an opportunity and an obligation to draw these maps that Republicans haven’t had in decades.’ In general, the Supreme Court...

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