Author: The BPI Squirrel

Furthermore! – Weather Changes on Occupy Wall Street

From OWS: I’m glad Chef sent me that spiffy khaki journalist’s vest. First, it makes me look more like a class war correspondent. Second, it has plenty of pockets for my Blewberry and macadamias. And third, it’s getting chilly here and my vest helps keep me warm. The protesters need to keep warm too, so please donate to help them out with food, sleeping bags, and the like. It’s more than meteorology. The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread nationwide under the rubric of Occupy Together. That could be a very positive development, if the Occupy protests change the political climate as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggests they can. Indeed that seems to be the primary focus, at least at Occupy Wall Street. The movement’s lack of a detailed policy agenda is actually beneficial in that regard. Once they start talking specifics, they risk becoming just another political interest group. And outside interests are trying to make that happen. In Dallas, conspiracy nutcase Alex Jones formed his own movement – Occupy the Federal Reserve – to coincide with Occupy Dallas. Although he’s become its public face, Jones did not create Occupy the Federal Reserve. Its anti-government talking points come straight from Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, the same corporate front who bankrolled the Tea Party. Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says the Occupy Wall Street movement proves that government...

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Furthermore! – Reporting on M-Day at #OccupyWallStreet

From OWS: I read somewhere that World War II newsreels often began with a Morse Code sound effect, and as BPI’s newly-designated Class War Correspondent I thought I should follow the tradition. So I powered up my Blewberry and found a Morse Code translator and typed in my text and clicked translate and saved the mp3 file and moved it to … oh just click that link already, before I get grumpy. Yesterday was a big day here. M-Day. No, that’s not their name. I chose it because a very nice young lady gave me some macadamias. M-Day sounds war correspondent-ish, like the Morse Code, and it could also stand for Movement Day. They sure looked like a movement yesterday. From a few hundred at dawn, Occupy Wall Street swelled to an estimated 15,000 for rally at on Foley Square. Young people. Middle aged people. Old people. Students. Union members. Community groups. There were so many they were still arriving as the rally was ending. They may seem leaderless and disorganized, but as Yahoo! Finance reporter Daniel Gross notes: Occupy Wall Street is no more incoherent or leaderless than the global financial system it is critiquing. From Wall Street in 2008 to Europe in 2011, the global elite has been much more of a clown show – and a much more damaging one – than this scraggly bunch of...

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Furthermore! – The Front Lines of Class Warf… Never Mind

The BPI faculty senate, after their usual six-hour debate over whether to take a bathroom break, decided I needed a break from Halloween. So they made designated me the BPI Class War Correspondent. (More) I objected for two reasons. First, I never wanted to be a war correspondent. I only took the roving reporter gig because they said it would offset my tuition while I research my thesis on 21st Century Political Nuttitude. By the time I learned BPI doesn’t even charge tuition, it was too late to back out. Second, war correspondents have to travel, and you know how I hate traveling. But the faculty senate said my Class War Correspondent duties actually began when I went to Wisconsin to cover the union rallies, and that was a de facto consensus ad idem. I really should read their rule book someday. Regardless, they put me on a flight to the front lines. Now, I’ve already said I love New York City, because it has the world’s most opulent squirrel hotel. Of course, BPI didn’t book me in there. They sent me to another squirrel hotel. It’s not as opulent as the midtown squirrel hotel, but it was renovated recently and it’s very nice. Plus it’s on the front lines, so I can see the zombies. So much for escaping Halloween. The good news is they’re not real zombies....

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Furthermore! – The Horror of Class Warf… Never Mind

I can’t seem to escape Halloween themes this month. Last night, for example, Mrs. Squirrel and the baby and I decided to watch the local baseball team. The Tampa Bay Rays are in an American League playoff series with the Texas Rangers. The Rays are, of course, named for a fish. Or they were, back when they were the Devil Rays. There was a local tiff about that for a few weeks, until everyone with an IQ higher than a macadamia realized the devil ray is a fish and the baseball team would not be summoning demons to assist them on the field. It’s always Halloween in some people’s minds. Soon enough, everyone got over it and just called them the D-Rays. In 2008, they shortened the name to Rays and replaced their logo with a sunbeam, because South Blogistan is the Sunshine State. But they still have petting tank with rays (the fish) in the outfield, and they still have the logo of that fish on their sleeves, lest the jilted demonic fish leap out of Tampa Bay and eat the city. Like I said, it’s always Halloween in some people’s minds. Take the response to President Obama’s proposed “Buffett Rule,” for example. That would ensure that no wealthy investor or hedge fund manager pays a lower federal income tax rate than ordinary working Americans. That seems sensible...

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Furthermore! – Be Afraud, Be Very Afraud

Squirrels don’t care much for Halloween. What you call trick-or-treating is pretty much like how we get food all the time, except for the costumes and ringing the doorbells and the candy. But we’re not big on costumes, your doorbells are too high for us to reach, and we prefer nuts over candy anyway. We do like Big Scary Monster movies because it’s fun to watch humans experience life from a squirrel’s perspective. As for the other kind of Halloween movies, well, we wonder why you humans feel a need to be terrified. It’s not just at Halloween either, as I learned this weekend while researching my thesis on 21st Century Political Nuttitude. It seems Rep. Dennis Rehberg (R-MT), expected to challenge Sen. John Tester (D) for a Senate seat next year, had a Sunday dinner squabble with his sister, Shanna Henry. Henry is the principal of a local elementary school, and she and her brother were arguing about Title I, a federal program that provides school funding based on the number of students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches. So she invited her brother to visit the school and talk with Brenda Koch, the district director of K-12 education. Henry and Koch explained that over half of the students at Miles Elementary School in Billings qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, based on their parents’ income. The...

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