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God-King vs. Intelligence 4, plus Other Stuff

The God-King pressed top U.S. intelligence officials to deny his collusion with Russian intelligence. Plus lots of other stuff. (More) “Asking them to issue false statements about an ongoing investigation” The Washington Post reports that the God-King wanted public statements declaring his campaign had no links to Russian intelligence operations during the 2016 election: President Trump asked two of the nation’s top intelligence officials in March to help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and the Russian government, according to current and former officials. Trump made separate appeals to the director of...

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God-King’s Budget: Screw the Poor

Don’t be distracted by the God-King’s antics or overseas screw-ups. He’s proposing a hard-right budget that will punish hardworking Americans. (More) “His populist campaign rhetoric was just a Trojan horse to execute long-held, hard-right policies that benefit the ultra wealthy at the expense of the middle class” The God-King’s budget will be brutal: President Trump’s first major budget proposal on Tuesday will include massive cuts to Medicaid and call for changes to anti-poverty programs that would give states new power to limit a range of benefits, people familiar with the planning said, despite growing unease in Congress about cutting...

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Constitution or Coup?

Most Americans see investigations of the God-King as the checks-and-balances of our constitutional system. But conservatives see a coup. (More) “Either during or at the end of his first term, Trump’s presidency will end, voluntarily or not.” So declares the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, introducing her column on why the God-King will drag the GOP down with him: President Trump, we have noted, has not only disgraced himself but also besmirched the reputations of everyone from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to son-in-law Jared Kushner for their complicity in a dark comedy of deceit and self-created debacles. A debate now...

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Robert Mueller Named as Special Prosecutor

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller will lead the investigation into the God-King’s ties with Russian intelligence. (More) “I accept this responsibility and will discharge it to the best of my ability” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller last night: “In my capacity as acting attorney general I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authority and appoint a special counsel to assume responsibility for this matter,” Rosenstein said in a statement. “My decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is warranted. I have made no...

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God-King to Comey: “I Hope You Can Let This Go”

A memo by James Comey offers the clearest-yet evidence that the God-King tried to shut down the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn. (More) “I hope you can let this go.” The New York Times broke the story yesterday and the Washington Post quickly corroborated it: President Trump asked the FBI to drop its probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and urged former FBI director James B. Comey instead to pursue reporters in leak cases, according to associates of Comey who have seen private notes he wrote recounting the conversation. According to the notes written by Comey following...

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