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Warren on Wealthcare: “Blood Money”

Senator Elizabeth Warren spared no words in criticizing Republicans’ Welfare Act. (More) “These cuts are blood money” Senator Warren took to the floor to attack the GOP’s $1-trillion tax cut for the rich: Talking Points Memo’s Matt Shuham has highlights: “It is finally clear how the Republicans were spending their time locked in those back rooms,” Warren said from the Senate floor, referring to a weeks-long secretive, GOP-only drafting process. “Now we know the truth.” “Senate Republicans weren’t making the House bill better,” Warren continued. “Nope, not one bit. Instead they were sitting around a conference room table dreaming up even meaner ways to kick dirt in the...

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Senate Wealthcare Worse than House Bill

It looks like those “moderate Senate Republicans” won’t be riding to the rescue…. (More) “Some significant changes aimed at pleasing moderates” That’s how the Washington Post’s Paige Winfield Cunningham describes Senate Republicans’ version of the Wealthcare Act, which will supposedly be unveiled today: Senate leaders on Wednesday were putting the final touches on legislation that would reshape a big piece of the U.S. health-care system by dramatically rolling back Medicaid while easing the impact on Americans who stand to lose coverage under a new bill. A discussion draft circulating Wednesday afternoon among aides and lobbyists would roll back the...

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Ossoff Loses Close Race in GA-6, So…?

Democrat Jon Ossoff lost a close U.S. House race in a district that was reliably Republican, so…? (More) “Ossoff lost … in a decisive fashion” The first thing you need to understand about yesterday’s U.S. House special election in Georgia’s Sixth District – or any other election – is that anything less than a Democratic landslide is, by definition, a stunning Republican victory. Take it from the Washington Post’s Paul Kane: Ossoff lost Tuesday to an underwhelming perennial Republican candidate, Karen Handel, in a decisive fashion that is sure to spark more questions about what type of candidates and...

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GOP’s New Plan: Hide the Ball

Increasingly, the Republican game plan is to hide the ball until it’s too late to object. (More) “There’s a group of guys in a back room somewhere that are making these decisions” So said Sen. Claire McCaskill about Senate Republicans’ refusal to hold public hearings about their health care bill: During a Senate Finance Committee hearing this month with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) asked her Republican colleagues when they would be holding open hearings on health-care reform. “We have no idea what’s being proposed,” McCaskill said. “There’s a group of guys in...

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Free Speech and Lost Arguments

No, we don’t need to ‘debate’ racism, sexism, or anti-LGBT bigotry…. (More) We offer our deepest condolences to the survivors, familes, and friends of the victims in last night’s terrorist attack on a London mosque, and to the family and friends of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, who was abducted outside a Northern Virginia mosque and murdered last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. +++++ Now, about free speech. If you haven’t yet, please read this brilliant essay by Thomas Healy at The Atlantic: Middlebury College’s decision to discipline 67 students who participated in a raucous and violent...

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