Author: Crissie Brown

Morning Feature: 2010 another 1994? Not Exactly. (Non-Cynical Saturday)

There’s been more than a bit of angst about whether next year’s midterms will be a rerun of the 1994 debacle that swept in Speaker Newt Gingrich and hamstrung the Clinton administration. Christina Bellantoni offered an analysis yesterday at TPM, and it’s worth reading. There is one point where I differ with her analysis, however. 2010 another 1994? Not Exactly. (Non-Cynical Saturday) Bellantoni makes six key points in her article: Discouraged by the centrist policies of the Obama administration, the Democratic base may not be active enough in 2010. She cites as evidence the lower Democratic turnout in last month’s governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey. However, redistricting and fewer long-time incumbent Democrats retiring from red-trending districts combine to make more House seats safer in 2010 than there were in 1994. Republicans are excited, just as they were in 1994, but unlike in 1994 the Democratic Party is aware of the dangers and House Democrats are not taking reelection for granted. Unlike in 1994, when the GOP had the “Contract For America,” they have no unifying package of ideas on tap for 2010. Instead the frame “Party of No” seems to be taking root among independent voters and the schism between ‘mainstream’ Republicans and the tea party movement may split GOP voters. The Democrats will probably lose some House seats, but how many will depend on how the...

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Morning Feature: Meet Fred (Plus Kossascopes)

He’ll never be the subject of a Dos Equis commercial, but for political strategists Fred is The Most Interesting Man in America. He’s the 50%+1 voter, the guy whose agreement you need to truthfully say “a majority of Americans believe [this],” the guy whose support you need to win a two-party election. You may know him. If not, you should. So let’s meet Fred. Then we’ll meet the Kossascopes. You may like Fred better. Meet Fred (Plus Kossascopes) I even found Fred’s picture, drawn by the Fredling ( age 8 ) while she listened as Mrs. Fred explained to Fred that yes, he does matter: It seems the Fredling, or more likely Mrs. Fred, has been looking at polling data. The two blue figures on the left are liberal Democrats, as about 20% of the electorate are liberal. The blue-purple figure next to them is a moderate Democrat. The Democrats total 33% of the electorate according to April, 2009 polling. The two red figures on the right are Republicans and conservative, and they total 22% of the electorate in that polling. The pink-purple figures are independents. The two wearing red hats on the right are conservatives; the two wearing purple hats on the left are moderates. Squarely in the middle … is Fred. Who is Fred? Note: Yes, I realize what follows is an ecological fallacy, assuming the median...

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Morning Feature: The Bottoms of Our Bippies – TV Series (Meta Monday)

The faculty of Blogistan Polytechnic Institute have made their way from the wine cellar library where they spent the weekend proving our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) to the hot tub faculty lounge.  As always, the staff eavesdropped to hear what plans they have for the week.  Sadly, this week their attentions were focused on flying underwear and fully-exposed Bippies.  And what could be more fully exposed than television, thus this year’s final BPI Awards for TV Series that were never made. First, of course, a big shout out to Professor of Neuroholdemodality Caractacus Pott for last week’s introduction of his new Tuesday lecture series: What We Learned This Week.  Or at least we assume that’s what it was about.  If you missed it, please give it a read and question our assumptions.  This Tuesday Ol’ Crackpot will discuss personal organization tips to help us get more done.  (Chef notes this may lead to restocking the wine cellar library more often.)  And on Wednesday Professor of Psycholegalese kktlaw returns to the lectern with by asking “Why Ask Why?”  (The Professor of Astrology Janitor will be in the lobby asking himself why we ask that question.) But of course the media attention focused on the cheeky yet coveted BPI Awards.  Beginning with the 2009 BPI Awards for TV Ads, followed by the 2009 BPI Awards...

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Morning Feature: Flashing More Bippies – Political Columns

Inspired by a Gibbous moon and a crack in the guest lecture schedule, the faculty and staff of Blogistan Polytechnic Institute are pleased to announce the next set of BPI Awards, the cheeky yet coveted Bippies.  This time we honor the brave and selfless columnists – professional and otherwise – who toil in the obscurity of our national media.  Or we would, if they’d actually written the columns for which they’ve been nominated. Flashing More Bippies – Political Columns The Bippies are a hollowed tradition at BPI – a solid statue would be too expensive heavy – dating back over 30 years days.  We revealed the first slivers in the 2009 BPI Awards for TV Ads that were never made, and last week we let slip a bit more with the 2009 BPI Awards for Movies that were never made.  Yet again we’re required to expose our Bippies online, as last year’s opulent ceremony at the Kodiak Theatre frightened the bears.  Despite last week’s mishap, our crack security staff insisted we keep the results in an envelope at the bottom of Pootie the Precious’ litter box until just moments ago, so please pardon the aroma. As a nonexistent university, we at BPI try to maintain certain standards.  However, unlike the nonexistent TV ads by nonexistent companies, and the nonexistent movies by nonexistent studios and artists, these Bippies honor real...

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Morning Feature: Revealing More Bippies – The Movies

It’s been nearly a month since we revealed the first Bippies, the 2009 BPI Awards for TV ads that were never made by companies that don’t exist.  Some might think it odd to give awards for fictional ads by fictional companies.  But it makes perfect sense once you remember that Blogistan Politechnic Institute is a fictional university, even if our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) is real Latin. So today we turn from to the big screen and reveal our Bippies for movies that were not made last year.  Please pass the not-popcorn…. Revealing More Bippies – The Movies As we’ve no guest host this morning, it’s a good day to flash our Bippies again.  To review, the BPI Awards are a long and storied tradition here at Blogistan Polytechnic Institute, dating back almost 30 years days.  Last year’s Bippies were awarded in an opulent ceremony at the Kodiak Theatre, but due to the economic downturn – and because the ceremony frightened the bears – the faculty, staff, and insurance agent reached an agreement with the SPCA, PETA, and the South Blogistan State Police, and we’re revealing our Bippies online.  The entire resident faculty voted, and the results were kept in an envelope at the bottom of Pootie the Precious’ litter box until just minutes ago, so please pardon the aroma. It’s often said...

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