Author: Crissie Brown

Campus Chatter – July 6, 2010

Louis Pasteur successfully tested the rabies vaccine today (1885). Also, Althea Gibson became the first black athlete to win at Wimbeldon (1957), the same day John Lennon met Paul McCartney. And Happy National Birthday to Malawi (1964) and Comoros (1975). Seems like just Yesterday…. Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Morning Feature: A Summer Smörgåsbord (Meta-Monday)

What do you get when the resident faculty can’t agree on plans for the week? Besides the obvious – more flying underwear – you get a Summer Smörgåsbord. At least that’s what the BPI staff finally agreed to. Chef wanted to call it a Bikini Buffet, but we thought that too … ambiguous. (More) First our usual thanks to last week’s guest lecturers. Last Tuesday, Professor of Neuroholdemology Caractacus introduced us to The Politics of the Long Now, the idea that change appears faster in history than our experience of its happening. And last Wednesday, J Brunner Fan earned her tenure – details below – by asking What’s Wrong With Drew Carey? Both were excellent lectures and are worth reading if you missed them. This Tuesday, Professor Caractacus continues his Things We Learned This Week series with a review of the Federal Theater Project, a New Deal program that sponsored live theatre productions from 1935-39. And this Wednesday, Professor of Commuhealthmemiofieldrogueology TheFatLadySings returns to the BPI lectern to discuss community health care coalitions. As always, Chef will appear with coffee and bagels, and the Professor of Astrology Janitor will disappear in a cloud of buffing. Note: We have no guest lecturer scheduled for next Wednesday, July 14th. We also still have openings for Furthermore! – the BPI campus soapbox – on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you would like to...

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Campus Chatter – July 5, 2010

More national birthdays today: Venezuela (1811), Algeria (1962), and Cape Verde (1975). Algeria’s independence came 132 years to the day after she was invaded by France (1830). Spam was introduced today (1937), as was the bikini (1946). Having Spam and the bikini in the same sentence requires mental floss. Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Morning Feature: 234 Straight Candles? (Ask the BPI Squirrel)

Professor Plum was flummoxed when he poked his nose and those chins into the mail room today. First, the mail room clerk had the morning off. That left me, the BPI Squirrel, to watch the staff poker game and such. Second, he hadn’t found the mail. I hid it in my tree. (More) This is the part where the mail room clerk would tell a humorous anecdote about the resident faculty going to the wine cellar library to drink think on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”), followed by a story of the Professor of Astrology Janitor finding yet another way to lose in the poker game. Both of those happened, and then Chef went to make breakfast. That’s what matters to me, because I’m cranky when I don’t eat and the Patriot Parfaits aren’t done yet. So excuse me if I’m not as nice as the mail room clerk. +++++ Dear Ms. Crissie, Please remind your readers not to come downtown for the usual 4th of July festivities in Cincinnati today. A gay pride parade will occur at the same time, and people might see deviant sex or even topless women. Phil in OH Dear Phil, Gee thanks. If conservative nuts get together, BPI sends me to cover it. But here’s an event with deviant sex and topless women, and I’m stuck in...

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