Author: Crissie Brown

Campus Chatter – October 15, 2010

Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason today (1793). Also, the Edison Electric Light Company opened (1878), Alfred Dreyfus was arrested for spying (1894), and New York Municipal Airport (now LaGuardia) was dedicated (1934). And Fortran, the first modern computer language, was released (1956). Greetings and social banter here. Kossascopes below. Good morning! ::hugggggs:: The Janitor Professor of Astrology does not warrant Kossascopes v2.42 for any use beyond entertainment. Not responsible for damage caused by running these routines on RealLife v1.0. Do you accept this End User License Agreement (Yes/No)? Libra: FOR (day=Friday) TO (day=Sunday): RespondNiceWeekendQuery (“It’s Okay”) Scorpio: IF party=”TGOP” THEN (IF hellFrozen=True THEN VoteFor ELSE VoteAgainst) Sagittarius: WHILE coffee=”Brewing” SET voiceMode=”Off” Capricorn: ERROR weekendOutlook $UNDEFINED Aquarius: ERROR TYPE MISMATCH (self, annoyingTVHost) Pisces: IF coffeeAvailable=False THEN SET panicMode=”On” Aries: IF (thought=”Ooooh” AND christineODonnell=False) THEN Touch(Self) Taurus: FOR (1, humorIndex) REPEAT Voice(“Ha”) Gemini: WITH(oneFoot, theOther) DO KeepPutting(inFront) Cancer: IF (lifeState!=reallyBad) THEN SET whineMode=”Off” Leo: WHILE (catLocation=Lap) SET (readMode=”Off” AND petMode=”On”) Virgo: SORT (kitchenUtensils, kitchenDrawers) BY (size,...

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Morning Feature: Sticky Ideas, Part I – The Secret of Writing

“What’s the secret of writing?” The secret of writing is: Apply butt to chair. “But what if you’re blocked? What if the coffee cup is empty, the ashtray is full, the page is still empty, and you’re cursing at the universe?” Then the secret of writing is: Apply feet to sidewalk. (More) Sticky Ideas, Part I – The Secret of Writing As progressive Democrats, we need sticky ideas that people will hear, remember, repeat, and act on. So this week Morning Feature explores Chip and Dan Heath’s Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. Today we discuss ideas that are simple, unexpected, and concrete. Tomorrow we consider credible, emotional stories. Saturday we conclude with a Stickiness Clinic, helping each other put it all together. As a writer, I’ve often been asked to talk about writing, and one of the most common audience questions is: “What’s the secret of writing?” I always give the answer I offered in the introduction: Apply butt to chair. Writing is a difficult skill, and like any other difficult skill we get better with practice. To write better, write more. Applying butt to chair usually works. But not always. Sometimes the words just won’t come, and that’s frustrating. Like any other difficult skill, writing is even more difficult when we’re frustrated. At some point we stop thinking about the topic we’re supposed...

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Campus Chatter – October 14, 2010

Harald got an eyeful of William at Hastings today (1066). Also, Massachusetts banned Quakers (1656), George Eastman patented paper-strip film (1884), A.A. Milne published Winnie the Pooh (1926), and the D.C. Bar Association voted to admit blacks (1958). And 200,000 attended the first gay rights march in D.C. (1979). Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Campus Chatter – October 13, 2010

Nero became Emperor of Rome today (54). Also, the Knights Templar were arrested in France (1307), Charles Messier discovered the Whirlpool Galaxy (1773), construction began on the White House (1792), and B’nai B’rith was founded (1843). And the first cellular phone network be…. (1983). Hello? Still there? Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Campus Chatter – October 12, 2010

English King John lost the crown jewels in The Wash (1216). (Really.) Also, Christopher Columbus made landfall in the Caribbean (1492) to prepare for the first Columbus Day celebration in New York (1792). (Parking was bad.) And Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was published (1979). (42) Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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