Author: Crissie Brown

Morning Feature: High-Low School Part I – It Was All About Me

I didn’t know reminiscing about high school would be so painful for so many. I hadn’t realized I’d made everyone’s high school experience so miserable. I knew I screwed up everyone in my school, but I didn’t know the effect was nationwide and across time. I’m sorry. It was all about me. (More) High-Low School Part I – It Was All About Me This week Morning Feature looks back at high school. Today we’ll explore some reminiscences, continuing the question “The best years of your life?” posed Tuesday by winterbanyan. Tomorrow we’ll consider the missing connections of high school. Saturday we’ll celebrate this year’s graduates and the hope they offer for our future. But first a sincere apology. When I suggested this idea last week in the Campus Chatter at BPI Campus, I didn’t realize this would be such a sensitive topic for so many. I don’t want to scrape away at old wounds, so I’ll try to keep it as light as possible. That said: It was my fault. I know high school was miserable for you. You wanted me to like you, or at least for me to not be such a rhymes-with-itch. I didn’t realize how hard it was to live in the shadow cast by my wonderfulness. I was smarter than you, more talented, more attractive, cooler, more popular. I broke the curve on every...

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Campus Chatter – June 3, 2010

Today Nepotianus usurped the throne in Rome (350), Peter Abelard was convicted of heresy (1140), and President John Adams moved into a D.C. tavern (1800) because “the White House isn’t finished.” (People believed that?) Oh, and five planes or trains crashed on this date. Better go back to bed…. Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Furthermore! – A Glass Half-Something

It’s an age-old question: is the glass of water half-full or half-empty. Conventional wisdom says the answer hinges on whether you’re an Optimist (half-full) or a Pessimist (half-empty). But conventional wisdom is often simplistic, and this is no exception. The truth is far more complex. Yes, in theory an Optimist will say the glass of water is half-full, and a Pessimist will say the glass of water is half-empty. But the human population is not divided solely into Optimists and Pessimists. For example: An Excruciatingly Correct Realist will say the glass is full, half with water and half with air. An Engineer will say the glass is twice as big as the project requires. The Arizona legislature will say an illegal immigrant drank half of your water. Critics on the right will say President Barack Obama drank half of your water, and Glenn Beck will refill it with his tears. Critics on the left will ridicule Glenn Beck’s tears while agreeing that President Obama drank half of your water, except for those who insist it was White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. President Obama’s defenders will say the glass is a necessary compromise between emptiness and fullness. Vice President Joe Biden will say “that’s a big f-ing glass.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will filibuster refilling the glass. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will get 60 votes to...

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Campus Chatter – June 2, 2010

Queen Elizabeth II begins the 58th year of her reign today … on the anniversary of the Vandals entering Rome (455), the Intolerable Acts (1774), and the start of France’s Reign of Terror (1793). Lest the good queen be We Are Not Amused, we assume this was mere coincidence. Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Campus Chatter – June 1, 2010

What an interesting day. Everyone knows about the assassination of Roman Emperor Didius Julianus (193) and the first recording of scotch whiskey (1495). But did you know Thomas Edison patented the first electronic voting machine today (1869)? When Democrats gained 37 House seats in 1870, the whispers about Edison-gate began…. Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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