Author: Crissie Brown

Campus Chatter – September 13, 2010

Construction began on Hadrian’s Wall today (122). Also, Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” (1814), and Henry Bliss died in America’s first fatal automobile accident (1899). And Margaret Chase Smith was elected to the Senate (1948), the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress. Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Morning Feature: Gangrene or Gang Green? (Ask Ms. Crissie)

Professor Plum’s cries stopped the staff poker game cold. He squeezed his thumb and stuttered out the words: “P-P-Paper c-c-cut.” It was a tiny nick, and we assured him he wouldn’t get gangrene. He’d been looking for the mail, and his blank stare told us he hadn’t found it. (More) The professor’s howls and jumps, jowls a’hump, quickly calmed. After emergency treatment including soap, water, and a bandaid with a smiley face drawn by Ms. Scarlet, he was ready to join the rest of the resident faculty in the wine cellar library, where they spend the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”). The staff could not remember where they were in the pot that was interrupted by Plum’s thumb. All but the Professor of Astrology Janitor voted to declare it a misdeal. He turned up his pair of Kings and began his plaintive mewling, which sent Chef to the kitchen to prepare Groovy Green Breakfast Smoothies. That left your lowly mail room clerk time to review the week’s correspondence…. +++++ Dear Ms. Crissie, You liberals don’t understand what it takes to make things better. Yes, it will hurt when we Republicans shut down the federal government in 2011. People will call and say my check didn’t come in, or daddy can’t go to the VA. But I cut myself with...

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Campus Chatter – September 12, 2010

Arbroath defeated Bon Accord 36-0 today (1885), the world record for scoring in professional soccer. Also two adults and four children in Flatwoods, West Virginia saw a UFO and an alien monster (1952), or a meteor and a barn owl. And Bonanza, the first color TV series, debuted (1959). Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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Morning Feature: Voter Outreach, Part III – New Old Tools (Non-Cynical Saturday)

Canvassing and phone-banking are time tested voter outreach activities, and new tools have made them easier than ever. Organizing for America has a iPhone canvassing app, and today’s websites let you host a calling party in your home, or even make calls in your pajamas. Just don’t crunch Cheetos while you talk. (More) Voter Outreach, Part III – New Old Tools (Non-Cynical Saturday) As Democrats kick off our GOTV campaigns this week, Morning Feature will focus on voter outreach. Thursday we emphasized the importance of listening when we contact voters. Yesterday we discuss how to build and maintain our own enthusiasm when we meet rudeness or anger. Today we explore a sample calling script and how to use tools that make voter outreach more effective. In olden days, after the discovery of fire but before the spread of the Internet, voter outreach was a laborious task. You went to a candidate or party office and met a staffer to pick up a list of addresses and materials for canvassing, or a list of phone numbers and a script. You then drove until you got lost, called the staffer on a pay phone for directions, drove again until you found the right neighborhood and began knocking on doors. Or you sat in a chair the campaign had rented from Torquemada, and made your calls. Either way, you took notes by...

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Campus Chatter – September 11, 2010

Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan Island today (1609). Also the Hope Diamond was stolen (1792), Stephen Foster’s Oh! Susanna was first performed in a Pittsburgh saloon, and construction began on the Pentagon (1941). And terrorists crashed jets into the World Trade Center in Manhattan, and the Pentagon (2001). Greetings and social banter here. Good morning!...

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