Author: Crissie Brown

Campus Question – July 25, 2017

Tonight’s question, greetings, and banter here. (More) Today Senate Republicans voted to begin debate on … some bill with “health care” in its title. In fact they don’t know which bill they’ll vote on later: the House Wealthcare Act, the Senate Wealthcare Act, a repeal-only bill, or a new “skinny” bill that repeals only the ACA’s individual and employer mandates and the medical device tax and leaves the rest worked out in a House-Senate conference committee. Will the GOP ultimately pass Something They Can Call Repealing Obamacare? +++++ Today on Campus Mixed Nuts – The God-King vs. Expertise +++++...

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Campus Chatter – July 25, 2017

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More) The Arch of Constantine was completed in Rome today (315). Also, Charles the Bald issued the Edict of Pistres ordering defensive measures against Viking raiders (864), Sebastián de Belalcázar founded the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia (1536), Francisco de Orellana founded the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador (1538), English Queen Mary I married Spanish King Phillip II at Winchester Cathedral (1554), Don Diego de Losada founded the city of Caracas, Venezuela (1567), Scottish King James VI was crowned English King James I, uniting the two nations under a single ruler...

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Campus Question – July 24, 2017

Tonight’s question, greetings, and banter here. (More) Today the God-King lashed out at the Klanmaster General for not investigating Hillary Clinton and reportedly discussed appointing Rudy Giuliani to replace Sessions, although Giuliani immediately rejected the idea and said Sessions was right to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Also, the Washington Monthly’s Martin Longman reports that the God-King may also be trying to force Exxonosaurus Rex out of the State Department and House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows wants to fire most of the CBO staff and direct the agency to “aggregate” budget evaluations from right-wing think tanks. And...

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“A Better Deal”

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled Democrats’ new slogan and what it means for the party and the American people. (More) “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future” Senator Schumer was unflinching in his assessment of the 2016 elections: “We were too cautious, we were too namby-pamby,” Schumer said on ABC’s This Week. “This is sharp, bold and will appeal to both the old Obama coalition, let’s say the young lady who’s just getting out of college, and the Democratic voters who deserted us for Trump, the blue-collar worker. Economics is our strength, and we are going...

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Things We Did This Week – July 17-23, 2017

Please share your stories of political activism here. (More) This week I called Sen. Marco Rubio to again urge him to vote against any bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And as he’s a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I also urged him to support their investigation of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections by publicly denouncing any effort to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller or pardon the God-King’s aides and family. I also called my U.S. House rep and urged him to support impeachment – for obstruction of justice – if the God-King interfered with Mueller’s...

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