Author: Lake Toba

Girl Lands Passenger Jet

This stunning video shows a girl landing a passenger jet in a “pilots incapacitated” scenario, with only verbal instructions. It’s fascinating to see how far automation has come that this is even possible. Its a little noisy at first because of a cockpit alarm, but after she gets things under control its amazing to watch....

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The Advise Show

The Advise Show has some important perspectives on race, racial issues, and the kinds of experiences that African Americans have each day in America.  The perspectives offered by the media outlet are interesting, varied, and I think contribute much to the needed dialog in this country. From the channel description: TheAdviseShowTV is a news and social commentary channel that presents “Media With A Common Sense Approach”. Our viewers expect and love our dedication to truth and facts. Many people are tired of the mainstream media and their agenda in America. Mainstream media does not report the real stories anymore...

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