Author: Lake Toba

Star Trek Discovery, The Orville, and Geekdom

Star Trek fans were given two choices this year for Star Trek series.  The first, Star Trek Discovery is an official Paramount/CBS Star Trek that tries to go into a grittier and uglier universe than previous iterations have gone.  There is some heavy changes in “continuity” including anachronisms and events falling out of step with previous shows, as well as a reimaging of Klingons along with other changes to which many fans have objected.  The other, The Orville is a non-Star Trek show was created by Seth MacFarlane as a cross between Star Trek: Next Generation and the movie...

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To Solve the World’s Biggest Problems, Invest in Women and Girls

Ted Talks are always thought provoking.  In this video, Musimbi Kanyoro discusses the idea of Isirika, where communities and women and girls and particular come together to help one another.  And how this contrasts with Western ideas of programs and international aid. From the description: As CEO of the Global Fund for Women, Musimbi Kanyoro works to support women and their ideas so they can expand and grow. She introduces us to the Maragoli concept of “isirika” — a pragmatic way of life that embraces the mutual responsibility to care for one another — something she sees women practicing...

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