The faculty, staff, and student body of BPI willingly admit the following:

  • We’re Progressives – We like to see government make progress in helping people solve problems, or at least not making their problems worse. Sometimes progress comes in big leaps, sometimes in tiny steps, and sometimes it’s just the grunt work of maintaining solutions that already help. But Doing Nothing because we can’t Do Everything is not progress, and not what we advocate as progressives.
  • We’re Democrats – Yes, really. We don’t hide it. It’s right there in our banner, right up there. See it? Good. Our goal is to help elect more Democrats – and more progressive Democrats – to federal, state, and local offices.
  • We’re a Community – We sometimes disagree, but we try not to be disagreeable. We assume each others’ best intentions unless we have manifest evidence to the contrary. We meet flames with silence. We assume others’ children may be reading over their shoulders. We don’t seek out or reveal personal information about other members of our community.
  • We Discuss – We discuss a wide variety of topics, political and otherwise. Some is theoretical. Some is historical. Some is practical. Some is ordinary life. Feel free to read without commenting, or to register and join in the discussion, subject to the community customs above.
  • We’re Activists – Many of us are active in our local Democratic Party groups, in Organizing For America, in Democracy For America, and other national, state, and local political groups. We share activities and events we’re involved in, encourage others to participate, and believe “Change Comes from the Bottom Up” is more than a campaign slogan; it’s the essence of how American politics should work.
  • We Enjoy Humor – We like to laugh, if only to keep from tearing our hair out in frustration. There’s lots of silliness floating around BPI – check out our Denials, for example – and we like it that way. However, we try to keep the humor Suitable For Children Viewing Over Shoulders, and we encourage the use of coffee-resistant keyboards and monitors. And desks. And drywall.

If that interests you, please write a three-page essay, typed, double-spaced, with 1″ margins, titled Why I Want To Attend Blogistan Polytechnic Institute. Then write “Admitted by BPI Registrar” in bright blue ink across the top of the first page, and place your essay in a stamped, self-addressed envelope … or save the stamp and just pretend you took the envelope out of your mailbox … or save yourself the time and just pretend you wrote and approved your essay … and click here to register your student name.