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1. People matter more than profits.
• Corollary: Each person matters … equally.
2. The earth is our home, not our trash can.
3. We need good government for both #1 and #2.

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Our current daily content is Today’s Buzz, Morning Feature, Noontime News, Furthermore!, Our Earth, Evening Focus, weather feeds from, and news feeds from Talking Points Memo, Think Progress, McClatchy News, ProPublica, NPR News and the New York Times-International Herald Tribune. All posting times are U.S. ET (UTC-5).

Today’s Buzz is the BPI Campus Student Union: where the students and faculty gather to play cards, talk about the weather, the news and their lives as they wait for classes to begin. In the morning we have Campus Chatter posting daily at 6am with Today in History and morning greetings. Each evening at 6pm we post Campus Question where we pose a question of the day to get things rolling. Both posts remain open all day as community gathering places.

Morning Feature posts daily at 7am. It is an in-depth dialogue with our readers, focusing on a given topic each week. NCrissieB hosts Thursday-Monday and other Contributors on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as scheduled. On Tuesday, Contributors are encouraged to host a “Digging Deeper”. The Tuesday Digging Deeper Morning Feature surveys an ongoing news topic through multiple sources to invite in-depth conversation and one that may span several days.

Furthermore! is hosted by our Contributors as scheduled on and is a brief, humorous, topical column. It posts at 10am. Think of it as our campus soapbox. Reader comments are welcome.

Noontime News posts daily between noon and 1pm. It is a snapshot of our RSS feeds, collated and posted by our Contributors as scheduled. It may but need not include brief commentary by the poster. Reader comments are welcome.

Midday Matinee is your place for stories about the odd things people do, and reasons we imagine for their doing those odd things and maybe some news or other things that come to mind in the afternoon when life slows down. A few paragraphs or a few hundred words posting between 2pm and 5pm. Readers comments are welcome.

Evening Focus posts at 7pm. It mirrors Morning Feature in tone and content, an in-depth dialogue with our readers, hosted by our Contributors as scheduled.

Our Earth posts at 8pm and provides content related to our environment and ecology. It is posted by our Contributors as scheduled. Reader comments are welcome.

Editorial Guidelines for Contributors

In posting at, all Contributors agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Factual Accuracy – Check your facts, especially the ones you think you already know. If there are conflicting legitimate sources for facts, acknowledge the conflict. Link to sources where possible.
  2. Family Audience – Assume our members’ children may be reading. Use no profanity.
  3. Keep It BriefMorning Feature and Evening Focus stories should be 800-1200 words. Other stories should be 500-750 words. Your intro can be no more than 25 words, including the word “(More)” at the end.
  4. Ballots not Bullets – We do not encourage or condone acts or threats of violence. Self-government is about ballots, not bullets.
  5. Write to All of Us – “We the People” includes all of us, regardless of age, appearance, ethnicity, physical ability, race, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. Avoid the language of privilege.
  6. Write for Fred – Government must work for Fred, our archetypal median voter, and we progressives must convince Fred that government can work for him and people like him. Do not insult Fred. Without the median voter, we Democrats lose elections.
  7. Use our Format Notes – The Morning Feature Format Notes explain in detail how to use the WordPress editor. Do not use the “Featured” tag; it is reserved for Editors only. Do not use the Morning Feature or Evening Focus Category for other stories. Do not include the Morning Feature or Evening Focus logo or tag for other stories.
  8. “As Scheduled” – All of our Contributor stories are scheduled. Please have your story ready on time. Please let NCrissieB know at least a day in advance if you cannot post as scheduled. Please don’t post a story when you are not scheduled, as your story will bump a scheduled Contributors’ story.

Ignoring these guidelines may lead to removal of Contributor status. Yes, sometimes you think you’ve double-checked your facts and still get one wrong, or a story runs a bit long or a bit late. We’re all human and trying to learn together here. That includes learning to better think and speak Progressive together.

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