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Edward the Confessor died without an heir, setting the stage for the Norman Conquest of England, today (1066). Also, a fire destroyed 75% of the homes in the Dutch city of Eindhoven (1554), British naval forces led by Benedict Arnold burned Richmond, Virginia (1781), the U.S. House voted to stop sharing the Oregon Territory with Britain (1843), the Ford Motor Company announced an eight-hour workday and a minimum daily wage of $5 (1914), Wyoming’s Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first female governor of a U.S. state (1925), work began on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge (1933), President Harry Truman announced his Fair Deal proposals in his State of the Union Address (1949), President Dwight Eisenhower announced that the U.S. would aid countries threatened by communist aggression (1957), the rise of reformist Alexander Dubček began the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia (1968), President Richard Nixon authorized the Space Shuttle program (1972), Vanda Station enjoyed a balmy 59°, a record high for Antarctica (1974), 12 people died when the bulk ore carrier Lake Illawarra struck the Tasman Bridge in Tasmania (1975), and the tanker MV Braer spilled almost 85,000 tons of crude oil after running around on the coast of the Shetland Islands (1993). And Michael Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz discovered the dwarf planet Eris (2005). And the Indian Space Research Organization used their new cryogenic engine to launch the communication satellite GSAT-14 (2014).


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