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The enthronement of Vietnamese emperor Trần Thái Tông ended the 216-year Lý Dynasty today (1224). Also, the British East India Company was chartered (1600), England imposed a window tax, causing many homeowners to brick up their windows (1695), Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease and began brewing his now world-famous dry stout (1759), the city of Baltimore was incorporated (1796), Samuel Ruggles deeded Gramercy Park to New York City (1831), Benjamin Hawkins and Richard Owen hosted a London dinner party inside a life-sized model of an Iguanodon (1853), Queen Victoria chose the small logging town of Ottawa to be Canada’s capital city (1857), Karl Benz filed a patent for his two-stroke internal combustion engine (1878), Thomas Edison demonstrated incandescent lighting to the public in Menlo Park, New Jersey (1879), New York City’s Longacre Square, now Times Square, hosted its first New Year’s Eve celebration (1907), the Manhattan Bridge opened (1908), the BBC broadcast the chimes of Big Ben for the first time (1923), the $13.1 billion Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II expired (1951), General Motors became the first U.S. corporation to report $1 billion in revenue (1955), Ireland’s Raidió Teilifís Éireann, better known as RTÉ, began nationwide television broadcasts (1961), the Central African Republic split into Zambia, Malawi, and Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe (1963), Ma Bell was broken up into the Baby Bells (1983), 97 people died as a fire swept through the Dupont Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico (1986), the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Mario Lemieux became the only NHL player to score shorthanded, full strength, power play, penalty shot, and empty net goals in a single game (1988), the Velvet Divorce split Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia (1992), female-to-male transgender Brandon Teena and two friends were murdered in Humboldt, Nebraska (1993), due to a time zone change, today did not happen in Kiribati (1994), the European Exchange Rate Mechanism froze the value of legacy currencies and set the value of the euro (1998), Russian President Boris Yeltsin resigned and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin became the acting president, on the same day the U.S. transferred the Panama Canal and Canal Zone to Panama (1999), the Taipei 101 tower opened as world’s tallest building (2004), both a blue moon and a lunar eclipse happened on the same night (2009), NASA put the first of two Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory satellites into orbit around the Moon (2011), and 36 people died in a human stampede during a New Year’s Eve celebration in Shanghai (2014). And 16 people were injured when a fire broke out at the Downtown Address Hotel in Dubai (2015).


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