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Today the God-King ordered a freeze on federal civilian pay, although Congress may fund a pay raise when they reconvene later this week. Also, TIME quoted a Russian ex-spy as saying Paul Manafort “owed us a lot of money, and he was offering ways to pay it back” while serving as the God-King’s 2016 campaign manager. Oh, the New York Daily News reported that New Jersey prosecutors have evidence of immigration crimes at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, and they’ve referred the investigation to the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, Leon Panetta offers five lessons from past government shutdowns and GOP strategist Mike Murphy said:

[Trump is] learning nothing from November and playing to the third of the country that he already has. He’s trapped. He’s playing poker holding two threes and suddenly putting all of his chips in. It’s pure emotion, the mark of a panicking amateur.

Will today’s new revelations increase the 61% of Americans who say the God-King should be impeached or censured?


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