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Today on Face Week State Sunday Meet, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said the God-King didn’t spend the $1.3 billion approved for border security in 2018 and added “I think the president simply needs to hear, β€˜yes,’ and we all need to move forward,” while Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) said:

$5 billion is a lot of money. That’s 650,000 children attending Head Start. It’s 2 million meals a day for a year β€” for a year for β€” for seniors. And to spend it on a fourth-century strategy rather than on stuff that actually improves border security is something we’re just not going to do.

Also, incoming Outhouse Chief of Staph Mick Mulvaney conceded the shutdown may last until Democrats take over the House, adding: “The department of Homeland Security can’t actually spend money from Mexico. We have to get it from the Treasury.”

And the God-King seethed over the media’s focus on Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis’ scathing resignation letter, so today he removed Mattis two months early and installed Patrick Shanahan as acting defense secretary. Have we reached peak pique yet?


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