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Today the God-King said he’s not worried about the national debt because “I won’t be here when it blows up.”

Also, the Charlotte Observer called for a new election in North Carolina’s House District 9 amidst mounting evidence that Republicans committed election fraud by illegally gathering and disposing of absentee ballots in predominantly Democratic precincts. CNN’s Harry Enten explains why “a whole slew of evidence” points to fraud, and the Washington Post’s Philip Bump reports that the North Carolina man in charge of the scheme may have been doing it for years, while incoming House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) says Democrats may refuse to seat the GOP winner unless and until questions about the integrity of the election are answered.

And BuzzFeed’s Ryan Broderick explains how a change in Facebook’s algorithm fueled the violent protests in France.

Will the GOP fraud in North Carolina, and their post-election-loss power plays in Wisconsin and Michigan, help House Democrats pass their election reform bill?


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