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Following a 10-year interregnum, Berengar I of Italy was crowned Holy Roman Emperor today (915). Also, Illinois became our 18th state (1818), the Zollverein began Germany’s first census (1834), 20 gold miners were killed by state troopers in Ballarat, Australia during an uprising over mining licenses (1854), the Duquesne Country and Athletic Club defeated the Western Pennsylvania All-Star squad in professional football’s first all-star game (1898), in his State of the Union Address, President Theodore Roosevelt called on Congress to curb the monopoly power of trusts (1901), Charles Dillon Perrine discovered Jupiter’s moon Himalia (1904), Georges Claude demonstrated neon lighting at the Paris Motor Show (1910), the Quebec Bridge opened after nearly 20 years of construction including two collapses that killed 89 workers (1919), Oliver Laurel and Stan Hardy made their comedy duo film debut in Putting Pants on Philip (1927), Singapore adopted her flag (1959), Camelot premiered on Broadway (1960), police arrested 800 students at the University of California-Berkeley for violating a campus prohibition on protesting (1964), Christiaan Barnard and his team performed the first human heart transplant (1967), Pioneer 10 returned the first close-up images of Jupiter (1973), 11 fans were suffocated in a crush for seats before a Who concert at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium, on the same day Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was named Iran’s first Supreme Leader (1979), a soil sample was taken from Times Beach, Missouri and would later be found to contain 300 times the safe level of dioxin (1982), 2250 people died within hours and an estimated 8000 would die in the next two weeks after a leak at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India (1984), the Greek tanker Aegean Sea ran aground and spilled 67,000 tons of crude oil off the coast of La Coruña, Spain, on the same day a Sema Group engineer sent the first cellular phone text message (1992), 121 countries signed the Ottawa Treaty banning land mines, although the U.S., China, and Russia did not (1997), NASA lost contact with the Mars Polar Lander moments before it entered Mars’ atmosphere, on the same day 6 firefighters died in the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire in Worcester, Massachusetts (1999), Dick Rutan flew an XCOR Aerospace craft from Mojave to California City, carrying the first U.S. rocket mail (2005), 25 people were killed by a suicide bomber in Mogadishu, Somalia (2009), and 475 people died when Category 5 Typhoon Bopha made landfall in the Philippines (2012). And JAXA, the Japanese Space Agency, launched Hayabusa 2 on a six-year, round-trip mission to collect samples from asteroids (2014).


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