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Today CNN reports that the God-King said, in his written response to special Robert Mueller, that Roger Stone did not tell him about contacting WikiLeaks about the DNC email hack, and the God-King was never told about his son meeting with Russian intelligence agents at the Trump Tower. But a document prepared by Mueller’s team says that Jerome Corsi told Stone about the WikiLeaks information weeks before it was made public and the Guardian reports that an ally of Brexit leader Nigel Farage was a key player in the Trump campaign’s contacts with WikiLeaks. As Heather Digby Parton summarizes, “Contrary to months of media insistence that Mueller was only focused on obstruction of justice, we now know that ‘collusion’ is definitely on the menu.”

Also, today the God-King said he may still pardon Paul Manafort, but the Post’s Jennifer Rubin notes that a pardon may not help Manafort and might not be legal, while Matt Zapotsky reports that losing Manafort as a cooperating witness may not hurt Mueller’s investigation.

And House Democrats nominated Nancy Pelosi as their next Speaker, but Vox’s Matthew Yglesias writes that Pelosi should groom someone else to be the House Democrats’ media front-person. Why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrats’ most combative and modern-media-savvy member, not first on that list of spokespersons?


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