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Ferdinand Magellan passed through the strait bearing his name and into the Pacific Ocean today (1520). Also, William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway received their marriage license (1582), Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, Robert Moray, and 8 others at Gresham College formed what is now The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge (1660), Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, the Emperor Concerto, premiered (1811), The Times of London began using steam-powered presses, heralding the start of mass-produced newspapers (1814), Panama separated from Spain to join Gran Colombia (1821), Britain and France recognized the independent Kingdom of Hawaii (1843), women in New Zealand became the first to vote in a nation’s federal elections (1893), the Chicago Times-Herald sponsored the first U.S. auto race, over a 54-mile course from Chicago to Evanston (1895), Louis Mayer opened the first U.S. movie theater in Haverhill, Massachusetts (1907), Sergei Rachmaninoff performed the premier of his Piano Concerto No. 3 (1909), Albania declared independence (1912), citizens of Bukovina voted to unite with the Kingdom of Romania (1918), Nancy Astor was elected to and would be the first woman to serve in the British House of Commons (1919), 491 people died as a fire swept through Boston’s Cocoanut Grove nightclub (1942), Chad, the Republic of the Congo, and Gabon gained autonomy within the French Community (1958), Mauritania gained independence (1960), NASA launched Mariner 4 toward Mars (1964), Jordan’s Prime Minister Wasfi al-Tal was assassinated (1971), East Timor declared independence (1975), schoolchildren in Kibeho, Rwanda reported the first of a series of Marian apparitions now known as Our Lady of Kibeho (1981), South Ossetia declared independence (1991), 13 people were killed by a suicide bombing at an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, but the plot to shoot down an Israeli charter plane failed when two missiles missed their target (2002), 7 people died when a magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck Borazjan, Iran (2013), and 120 people were killed when terrorists struck the Grand Mosque in Kano, Nigeria (2014). And 71 people including almost all of the Brazilian Chapecoense Football Club’s players, coaches, and staff died when LaMia Flight 2933 ran out of fuel and crashed on approach to José María Córdova International Airport in Medellín, Colombia (2016).


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