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Today Marvel legend Stan Lee died at age 95. The Daily Beast’s Spencer Ackerman writes that Lee was a complex and controversial figure within the industry, but Lee’s ‘Marvel Universe’ concept revolutionized the genre and helped propel it from a target of 1950s morality police to a worldwide artistic force. RIP, Stan-the-Man.

Also, the God-King demanded an end to Florida’s recount with yet another fact-free conspiracy theory, which too many major media outlets amplified without correcting. Cornell University government professor Tom Pepinski wrote about the civic dangers of undermining confidence in elections, and No More Mister Nice Blog’s Steve M. noted that this continues a long-standing Republican attack on the essence of democracy.

And wingnut one-term Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN) blamed the GOP’s midterm wipeout on … the late John McCain.

What was your story-of-the-day?


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