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Today the God-King said he will visit Pittsburgh, defying both a letter from the city’s Jewish leaders and a plea from the mayor to let families bury their dead without presidential interference. Also, CNN reports that Gab – the social media hub for virulent and violent white supremacists – has been forced offline. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin says we need to replace empty platitudes with specific responses, writing:

In sum, we all have a tendency is to talk about “hate” or “bigotry” as if such sentiments were inanimate objects. We have to root it out. We have to combat it. But there is no “it” — there are people who say, write and do hateful things. And they should be held accountable. Let’s end the lazy thinking and the moral denseness. Lots of people have behaved in ways that degrade our culture and give oxygen and inspiration to dangerous people. We should call them out — by name — and implore them to do better.

Would Rubin’s strategy help curb the hatemongers?


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