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Pope Callixtus II and Holy Roman Emperor Henry V signed the Concordat of Worms, ending the Investiture Controversy, today (1122). Also, the Merchant Royal sank off Land’s End with a cargo worth an estimated $1 billion (1641), Harvard College held their first commencement exercise (1642), Lewis and Clark returned to St. Louis after their expedition to the Pacific Northwest (1806), New York City’s Knickerbockers Baseball Club became the first to play by modern baseball rules (1845), Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier, John Couch Adams, and Johann Gottfried Galle collaborated to discover Neptune (1846), Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo Koppai to produce and market the playing card game Hanafuda (1889), Norway and Sweden agreed to become separate countries in signing the Karlstad Treaty (1905), the University of Alberta was founded (1908), Le Gaulois began publishing Gaston Leroux’s novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra in serial form (1909), Roland Garros flew from St. Raphael, France to Bizerte, Tunisia, making him the first aviator to cross the Mediterranean Sea (1913), the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd was renamed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1932), Karl Wien and Adi Göttner reached the summit of India’s Siniolchu mountain (1936), GOP vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon gave his “Checkers” speech (1952), Iowa farmer Roswell Garst hosted Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev (1959), New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts opened (1962), the Chicago Eight trial began in Chicago (1969), Juan Perón returned to power in Argentina (1973), South Africa’s Gerrie Coetzee became his continent’s first world heavyweight boxing champion (1983), the Houston Astros’ Jim Deshaies struck out the first 8 batters in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, a Major League Baseball record (1986), the Oakland Athletics’ José Canseco became the first Major League Baseball player to hit 40 homers and steal 40 bases in a single season (1988), NASA announced it had lost contact with the Mars Climate Orbiter (1999), the first public version of the Mozilla Firefox browser was released (2002), and 1070 people died when Hurricane Jeanne flooded Haiti (2004). And 11 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in Kauhajoki, Finland (2008).


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