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Owain Glyndŵr’s followers declared him Prince of Wales today (1400). Also, Miguel Hidalgo’s Grito de Dolores began the Mexican War of Independence (1810), the Fire of Moscow, which had started the day before, threatened to engulf the Kremlin and would destroy three-quarters of the city before it died on the 18th (1812), Christopher Robert founded the Robert College of Istanbul-Turkey, the first U.S. educational institution on foreign soil (1863), The Cornell Daily Sun premiered and would become the nation’s oldest continuously-independent college newspaper (1880), settlers made a land run for prime land in Oklahoma’s Cherokee Strip (1893), the General Motors was founded (1908), as was the American Legion (1919), 38 people died as a bomb in a horse-drawn wagon exploded in front of the J.P. Morgan building on Wall Street (1920), more than 2500 people died as the Category 5 Okeechobee Hurricane struck southeastern Florida (1928), the coup d’état that would depose Argentine President Juan Perón began in Cordoba (1955), the Xerox 914, the first successful photocopier, was introduced on live television in New York City (1959), the National Hurricane Research Project dropped eight cylinders of silver iodide into the eyewall of Hurricane Esther, reducing windspeeds by 10% and giving rise to Project Stormfury, on the same day 173 people died as Typhoon Nancy struck Osaka, Japan with record-setting 345-mph winds (1961), the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo (Sabah), and Sarawak formed the country of Malaysia, although Singapore became independent two years later (1963), the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center in New York City opened the world premiere of Samuel Barber’s Antony and Cleopatra (1966), Papua New Guinea gains independence (1975), champion Soviet finswimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan rescued 20 of 92 passengers from a trolleybus that had plunged into the Yerevan Reservoir, receiving cuts that became infected and ended his athletic career (1976), 25,000 people died as an earthquake struck Tabas, Iran (1978), the three-day Sabra and Shatila Massacre that would kill at least 762 and perhaps as many as 3500 people began as Shiite and Christian militias attacked Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon (1982), the Montréal Protocol to protect the ozone layer was signed (1987), the railroad between the China and Kazakhstan, part of the Eurasian Land Bridge, was completed at Dostyk (1990), former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega went on trial in the U.S. for drug trafficking and racketeering charges (1991), the British government lifted the six-year broadcasting ban on members of Sinn Féin and Irish paramilitary groups (1994), Italian crime boss Paolo Di Lauro was arrested in Naples (2005), and mercenaries working for Blackwater Worldwide allegedly shot and killed 17 Iraqis in Nisour Square, Baghdad (2007). And 12 people died when a gunman opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard (2013).


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