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Today was National Wallow In Our Collective Victimhood Day, with a few exceptions. At the New York Times, Army veteran Joe Quinn offered a searing essay on “the real lesson of 9/11” while Foreign Policy’s Stephen Marche argues that, by spurring an assault on our own civil liberties and two disastrous wars, “Al Qaeda won” in “a battle for the stories people tell and for the public consciousness that emerges out of the stories that people tell.” The Guardian’s Erin Durkin reports that 9375 have been certified with cancer related to the fallout from 9/11 and more than 43,000 have contracted 9/11 related diseases … not to mention a million U.S. service members seeking treatment for war-related injuries or disorders and at least 200,000 civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the National Review’s Jim Geraghty insists we should “leave room for some pride” because the U.S. has only a few hundred hate crimes against Muslims each year and, besides, other countries would have overreacted even worse. Will we ever learn?


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