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Today tennis legend Billie Jean King spoke out for Serena Williams after a U.S. Open final where she was given a game penalty and later a $17,000 fine for challenging chair umpire Carlos Ramos. An Australian cartoonist portrayed Williams as a hulking thug and her Japanese-Haitian opponent as slender white blonde, while women who cover tennis called out the umpire’s sexism and people of color challenged the racialized script of the “angry black woman.” Deadspin’s Laura Wagner reported that Williams is targeted for drug testing more often than any other U.S. tennis professional, but white conservatives lashed out at her yet again and Williams has long been forced to defend herself from sexist and racist critics. Is Outside the Beltway’s James Joyner feeling qualified to pass judgment on Williams’ conduct in a match he admits he didn’t watch, in a sport he admits he hasn’t followed in decades, because he read stuff on the internet … pretty much a case study in white male privilege?


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