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Cicero delivered his first Philippic criticism of Marc Antony today (44 BCE). Also, the papal army of Innocent X destroyed the Italian city of Castro (1649), the Great Fire of London broke out and would burn for three days, destroying over 10,000 buildings including St. Paul’s Cathedral (1666), Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar (1752), the September Two-th Society convened, realized “two-th” was not the ordinal of “two,” and dissolved, leaving the month … two-th-less (1767), the U.S. Treasury Department was established (1789), 457 people died as a landslide destroyed Goldau, Switzerland (1806), the Royal Fredericks University, now the University of Oslo, was founded (1811), as was Ohio’s Oberlin College (1833), massive solar flares triggered the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded, disrupting telegraph service and triggering visible Auroras worldwide (1859), Union forces captured Atlanta, shifting Northern opinion against anti-war candidate George McClellan and in favor of incumbent Abraham Lincoln leading into the presidential election (1864), white miners attacked and killed 28 Chinese coworkers in Rock Springs, Wyoming (1885), Vice President Theodore Roosevelt uttered his famous phrase “Speak softly and carry a big stick” at the Minnesota State Fair (1901), 423 people died as the Labor Day Hurricane, the most intense ever to make landfall in the U.S., struck the Florida Keys (1935), Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signed the Instrument of Surrender of Japan aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, formally ending World War II, on the same day Vietnam declared independence (1945), the first Parliament of the Central Tibetan Administration was elected, now celebrated as Tibet’s Democracy Day (1960), the CBS Evening News became the first half-hour evening network television news broadcast (1963), 116 people died as a magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck Nicaragua (1992), and 229 people died as Swissair Flight 111 crashed near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, on the same day the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda convicted Jean Paul Akayesu on nine counts of genocide (1998). And a new eastbound span opened on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, making it the widest bridge in the world (2013).


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