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Minamoto no Yoritomo became Japan’s de facto ruler, beginning the Shōgun era, today (1192). Also, Pueblo Indians captured Santa Fe during the Pueblo Revolt (1680), James Cook claimed Australia for Britain, naming it New South Wales (1770), Gustav III announced a new constitution that ended 50 years of parliamentary rule in Sweden and made him an absolute monarch (1772), the crew of the Eliza Frances discovered Jarvis Island (1821), Nat Turner’s led a short-lived slave rebellion (1831), a Confederate guerrilla force known as Quantrill’s Raiders destroyed Lawrence, Kansas (1863), witnesses reported the apparitions of Mary, Joseph, and St. John the Baptist at Ireland’s Knock Shrine (1879), 37 people were killed as an F5 tornado struck Rochester, Minnesota, a tragedy that led to the founding of the Mayo Clinic (1883), William Burroughs patented the U.S.’s first successful adding machine (1888), Ransom Olds founded the plant that began making Oldsmobiles (1897), an employee at the Louvre stole the Mona Lisa (1911), the Dumbarton Oaks Conference began meetings to organize the United Nations (1944), Harry Daghlian was fatally irradiated during a criticality accident with the Demon Core at Los Alamos (1945), the Soviet Union tested the first intercontinental ballistic missile, the R-7 Semyorka (1957), Hawaii became our 50th state (1959), Motown released its first #1 hit, the Marvelettes’ “Please Mr. Postman” (1961), James Anderson, Jr. posthumously became the first black U.S. Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor (1968), Alexander Godunov defected to the U.S. (1979), Philippine opposition leader Benigno Aquino was assassinated at the Manila airport that now bears his name (1983), 1800 people died when CO2 gas bubbled up from Cameroon’s volcanic Lake Nyon (1986), Latvia declared independence, on the same day the August Coup to depose Mikhail Gorbachev and restore the Soviet Union collapsed (1991), U.S. Marshal Service agents attempting to arrest Randy Weaver on weapons charges began the deadly standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho (1992), NASA lost contact with the Mars Observer (1993), NATO deployed peacekeeping troops to Macedonia, on the same day the International Red Cross requested famine relief for Tajikistan and Uzbekistan (2001), and at least 280 and possibly over 1700 people were killed when rockets carrying sarin gas struck the Ghouta suburbs near Damascus, Syria (2013). And a total solar eclipse traversed 14 U.S. states with at least a partial eclipse in all 50 states (2017).


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