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If you haven’t already, it’s time to canvassing and/or phone banking for Democratic candidates. I made calls this week for Sen. Bill Nelson’s reelection campaign, and I noticed a big improvement in answer rates. Schools reopen earlier now in many parts of the country, to add a buffer for inclement weather, so end of summer vacations are mostly over. The old adage that “no one pays attention to elections until after Labor Day” is obsolete.

Midterm elections are always about turnout, and Democrats traditionally drop off. There’s more energy among Democratic voters this year because of the God-King’s and Republicans’ many abuses, but we can’t take that for granted. Please find candidates in your state and district and volunteer to make calls. Or, if the Democrats in your area are safe, please volunteer for Democrats in tightly-contested races around the country.

We have a good chance to retake the U.S. House and at least some chance to retake the U.S. Senate as well. We’re also poised to pick up some governorships and flip some state legislatures. But that will all come down to turnout … and that means it comes down to us knocking on doors and making calls.


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