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The Romans destroyed Jerusalem’s Second Temple today (70). Also, the Duchy of Brittany joined the Kingdom of France (1532), a popular myth holds that Dom Perignon invented Champagne (1693), 1400 people died when Japan’s Mount Asama erupted and another 20,000 would die in the resulting famine (1783), the French National Assembly swore to end feudalism and abandon their privileges of nobility (1789), a U.S. tariff act created the Revenue Cutter Service, now the Coast Guard (1790), The Saturday Evening Post premiered (1821), the Hinomaru became the official flag for Japanese vessels (1854), Slovakia’s scientific and cultural institute Matica slovenská was founded (1863), Andrew and Abby Borden, father and stepmother of Lizzie Borden, were found murdered in their Fall River home (1892), the Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the River Thames opened (1902), as did Sydney, Australia’s Central Railway Station (1906), Anne Frank and her family were found and arrested in Amsterdam (1944), 100 people died as a magnitude 8.0 earthquake rocked the Dominican Republic (1946), the Supreme Court of Japan was established (1947), the first Billboard Hot 100 list was published (1958), future President Barack Obama was born (1960), the bodies of civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney were found in an earthen dam in Mississippi, on the same day two U.S. destroyers reported having been attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin (1964), the Constitution of Cook Islands took effect, giving the islands self-governing status within New Zealand (1965), President Jimmy Carter signed the law creating the Department of Energy (1977), the Republic of Upper Volta became Burkina Faso (1984), the Federal Communications Commission rescinded the Fairness Doctrine (1987), Prime Minister Paul Martin announced that Michaëlle Jean would be Canada’s 27th Governor General (2005), and Sri Lankan government forces murdered 17 employees of the French group Action Against Hunger (2006). And the Phoenix Mars probe was launched (2007).


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