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Today the God-King said he’ll meet Vladimir Putin again to “begin implementing” the verbal agreements they made, but only the God-King knows what those agreements are because no other Americans were allowed in the meeting, although one item may be the God-King agreeing to turn over former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul to Russia. This came as the New York Times reported that the God-King was briefed on details of the Russian attack on our elections on January 6, 2017, before his inauguration. But yesterday House Republicans refused to renew election security funding. As Daniel Drezner writes, “If this is not treason, what is it?”

UPDATE: This afternoon the Outhouse Sewer Spewer said the U.S. won’t turn Ambassador McFaul over to Russia for questioning because the God-King “disagreed” with Putin’s proposal, which the God-King called an “incredible offer” in Helsinki.


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