A group of us put our heads together…. (More)

Last night’s Campus Question prompted a staff discussion about little-known names for groups. There are lots of names for groups of animals – a shrewdness of apes, a clowder of cats, a business of ferrets, a conspiracy of lemurs – but what about groups of people?

So the staff put our heads together and got a little light-headed:

A group of doom-sayers is a crack, as is a group of plumbers.

A group of beanstalk giants is a fee, as is a group of lawyers.

A group of Venetian boat pilots is a pole, as is a group of strippers.

A group of beach-goers is a shingle, as is a group of roofers.

A group of poker players is a chance, as is a group of meteorologists.

A group of road stripe painters is a median, as is a group of statisticians.

A group of carpenters is a nail, as is a group of manicurists.

A group of bakers is a rack, as is a group of interrogators.

A group of planetary scientists is a probe, as is a group of proctologists.

A group of sewerage treatment plant workers is a miasma, as is a group of locker room attendants.

A group of fashion models is a pose, as is a group of guys at a gym.

A group of physicists is a momentum, as is a group of sportscasters.

A group of weavers is a warp, as is a group of Star Trek fans.

And finally….

A group of bookies is a spread, as is a group of men on benches.


Image Credit: Crissie Brown (BPICampus.com)


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