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Today Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) told the truth:

This foolish catch-and-release policy had to be changed. But changing from catch-and-release does not require adopting the wicked family separation policy. The choice before the American people does not have to be “wicked versus foolish.”

The administration’s decision to separate families is a new, discretionary choice. Anyone saying that their hands are tied or that the only conceivable way to fix the problem of catch-and-release is to rip families apart is flat wrong. There are other options available to them. The other options are all messy (given that some overly prescriptive judges have limited their administrative options), but there are ways to address this that are less bad than the policy of family separation they’ve chosen.

Senator Sasse wrote just hours after former First Lady Laura Bush told the truth:

I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.

Our government should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted box stores or making plans to place them in tent cities in the desert outside of El Paso. These images are eerily reminiscent of the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, now considered to have been one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history.

In response, Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen told a bald-faced lie – that the U.S. has no policy of separating children from their families – and then reversed herself and told a roomful of sheriffs that yes, the U.S. is doing that and she will not apologize for “doing our job.”

Will the “I was just following orders!” defense work for the God-King’s lackeys?


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