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Li Yuan became Emperor Gaozu of Tang, beginning China’s 293-year Tang Dynasty, today (618). Also, five Canterbury monks reported what may have been the impact that created the Moon’s Giordano Bruno Crater (1178), the Parliament of Ireland met for the first time, at County Kildare’s Castledermot (1264), Joan of Arc’s French forces defeated John Fastolf’s English army at Patay, turning the tide of the Hundred Years’ War (1429), an English court revoked the charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1684), Samuel Wallis became the first European to see Tahiti (1767), British troops abandoned Philadelphia (1778), Congress declared war on Britain, Canada, and Ireland (1812), Wellington’s British and Blücher’s Prussians defeated Napoleon’s French at Waterloo (1815), Charles Darwin received Alfred Russel Wallace’s notes on evolution, prompting Darwin to publish his work (1858), Francis Fox Tuckett, J.J. Bennen, V. Tairraz and P. Bohren made the first successful ascent of Switzerland’s Aletschhorn (1859), Susan B. Anthony was fined $1000 for attempting to vote in the previous year’s presidential election (1873), the Kasato-Maru arrived in Brazil with that nation’s first 781 Japanese immigrants, on the same day the University of the Philippines was founded (1908), Checker Taxis began operation (1923), ground was broken for Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute (1930), British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave his “Finest Hour” speech (1940), the Egyptian Revolution ended the Muhammad Ali Dynasty and created the Republic of Egypt, on the same day 129 people died when a U.S. Air Force troop carrier flight crashed after takeoff in Tachikawa, Japan (1953), 118 people died when British European Airways Flight 548 crashed in Staines shortly after takeoff in London (1972), President Jimmy Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev signed the SALT II Treaty (1979), Sally Ride became the first American woman in space, aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, on the same day 17-year-old Mona Mahmudnizhad and nine other women were hanged in Iran for teaching the Bahá’í faith (1983), 51 people were injured as police and miners clashed in Orgreave during the UK Mining Strike (1984), 6 people were killed when terrorists opened fire in a pub crowded with World Cup fans in Loughinisland, Northern Ireland (1994), Ted Kaczynski was indicted on ten counts related to the “Unabomber” attacks (1996), Kazakhstan launched their first satellite, KazSat (2006), 9 firefighters died as a blaze swept through the Charleston Sofa Super Store in South Carolina (2007), and NASA launched the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (2009). And Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was appointed Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (2012).


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