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Spain and Portugal signed the Treaty of Tordesillas, dividing the New World between them, today (1494). Also, Charles I assented to the Petition of Right (1628), an estimated 5000 people died immediately or within days when a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Port Royal, Jamaica (1692), Richard Henry Lee presented his resolution of independence to the Second Continental Congress (1776), David Thompson reached the mouth of the Saskatchewan River (1800), the Gazeta de Buenos Ayres premiered, an event now marked as Journalist’s Day in Argentina (1810), an estimated 6000 Québécois would die after Irish immigrants arrived carrying Asian Cholera (1832), Benjamin Harrison became the first U.S. President to attend a baseball game, on the same day Homer Plessy was arrested for refusing to leave his seat in a whites-only rail car (1892), Carrie Nation vandalized her first saloon in Kiowa, Kansas (1899), 16-year-old Mary Pickford made her screen debut (1909), 4 people were killed as British troops fired on protesters in Valetta, now commemorated as the Maltese national holiday Sette giugno (1919), the Lateran Treaty recognized papal sovereignty within the Vatican City (1929), the Steel Workers Organizing Committee, a forerunner of the United Steelworkers, was founded in Pittsburgh (1936), Norwegian King Haakon VII and his government fled Tromsø for London (1940), and returned exactly five years later (1945), Czechoslovakian President Edvard Beneš resigned rather than sign the new constitution that would make his nation a communist state (1948), the U.S. Supreme Court recognized a right of privacy that included contraception for married couples in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), and held that a jacket with the words “F–k the Draft” was speech protected by the First Amendment in Cohen v. California (1971), the first Cricket World Cup began in England (1975), an estimated 500 million people watched Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee on television (1977), the Israeli Air Force destroyed Iraq’s Osiraq nuclear reactor (1981), Priscilla Presley opened Graceland to the public (1982), 176 people died when Surinam Airways Flight 764 crashed on approach in Suriname (1989), Universal Studios Florida opened in Orlando (1990), the Philippines’ Mount Pinatubo erupted (1991), the United Nations established the Blue Line dividing Israel and Lebanon (2000), and 6 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at California’s Santa Monica College, on the same day 47 people were killed when a suicide arsonist set fire to a bus in Xiamen, China (2013). And 35 people were killed when gunmen attacked a village in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (2014).


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