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Today the God-King canceled his summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un after a Kim spokesperson objected to the Vice-God-King declaring that North Korea’s options are to accept U.S. demands or face “the Libya model.” Also, the NFL knelt to the God-King by forbidding on-field protests of police violence during the national anthem, so the God-King said players who protest police violence by remaining in the locker room during the anthem “maybe don’t belong in this country.” Meanwhile, the God-King’s ‘if the Obama administration used the FBI to spy on me’ has become “Obama officials’ spying on Trump a departure from norms.” If the God-King intends to reject the midterm results and cancel the 2020 elections (because “voter fraud!”) unless Republicans win huuuge this November, should millions of Americans storm the Outhouse and demand his removal? (Note: that starts with If. I’m not advocating violent revolution; I’m “just asking questions!”)


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