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The Leiden University Library’s Nomenclator, the first printed catalog of an institutional library, appeared today (1595). Also, 100 English colonists landed at Jamestown (1607), Peter Minuit bought Manhattan (1626), the English Parliament passed the Act of Toleration that protected the religious rights of Protestants but excluded Catholics (1689), John Wesley converted, considered the launch of the Methodist movement and celebrated as Aldersgate Day (1738), Sarah Josepha Hale published the poem Mary Had a Little Lamb (1830), Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message, “What hath God wrought,” from the U.S. Capitol to his assistant Alfred Vail, in Baltimore, Maryland (1844), the Brooklyn Bridge opened (1883), Amy Johnson landed in Darwin, Northern Territory as the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia (1930), the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 in Major League Baseball’s first night game (1935), Igor Sikorsky performed the first successful single-rotor helicopter flight (1940), the Sixth Buddhist Council concluded, on the same day the first Eurovision singing contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland (1956), the United Press and the International News Service merged to form United Press International (1958), Chile’s Cordón Caulle erupted (1960), Scott Carpenter orbited the Earth three times aboard Aurora 7 (1962), Attorney General Robert Kennedy met with novelist James Baldwin and several other black leaders to discuss racism in the U.S. (1963), Soviet scientists began work on the Kola Superdeep Borehole (1970), Ecuadoran President Jaime Roldós Aguilera, his wife, and 9 others died as their plane crashed into the Huairapungo Mountain (1981), Israel began immigrating Ethiopian Jews under Operation Solomon (1991), Eritrea gained independence (1993), the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague indicted Slobodan Milošević and four others for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Kosovo (1999), Israeli troops withdrew from southern Lebanon after 22 years of occupation (2000), and 16-year-old Sherpa Temba Tsheri became the youngest person to summit Mount Everest, on the same day 23 died when the third floor of Jerusalem’s Versailles Wedding Hall collapsed (2001), and Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin signed the Moscow Treaty to reduce their nations’ strategic nuclear arms stockpiles (2002). And 324 people were injured when a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey, on the same day 4 people were killed when a gunman attacked the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels (2014).


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