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Today NBC and other outlets reported that pharma giant Novartis paid Michael Cohen $1.2 million after the 2016 election for ‘consulting’ on the God-King’s health care proposals, just one of several U.S. and foreign firms that paid Cohen for inside access to the God-King’s administration. Both BuzzFeed and the Washington Post report that special counsel Robert Mueller began looking into the Novartis payoff last November, and this past weekend the Post reported that the God-King, once “The King of Debt,” began running his empire on cash, spending over $400 million to buy real estate during the 9 years leading up to his election run. So the Treasury Department will investigate … how Stormy Daniels’ lawyers and the media acquired details of the companies funneling money through Cohen’s ‘consulting’ firm. Is it any wonder that the God-King said any negative story about him is “fake news?”


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