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Æthelred the Unready died and his son Edmund Ironside succeeded him as England’s king, today (1016). Also, Estonians protested the Teutonic Order in the St. George’s Night Uprising (1343), Edward III founded England’s Order of the Garter (1348), the Boston Latin School was founded as the first public school in the U.S. (1635), Sweden and Poland signed the Treaty of Oliva, ending the Second Northern War (1660), the Second Serbian Uprising erupted after their annexation by the Ottoman Empire (1815), President Theodore Roosevelt gave his “Man in the Arena” speech (1910), the Grand National Assembly of Turkey convened for the first time, in Ankara (1920), Wales’ Cardiff City defeated Arsenal to win the only FA Cup not awarded to an English team (1927), Turkey celebrated Children’s Day as a national holiday, the first country to do so (1929), the Netherlands’ 153-year-old De Adriaan Windmill was destroyed in a fire (1932), 198 people died as a fire swept through the Rhythm Night Club in Natchez, Mississippi (1940), Manuel Roxas was elected the last President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, less than two months before the nation gained full independence (1946), Czechoslovakia arrested U.S. journalist William Oatis on charges of espionage (1951), the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada and the Canadian Congress of Labour united to form the Canadian Labour Congress (1955), four French generals began the failed Algiers Putsch to overthrow President Charles de Gaulle (1961), Soyuz 1 was launched and cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov would become manned space flight’s first fatality upon the capsule’s crash the following day (1967), student protests shut down Columbia University (1968), Coca-Cola released New Coke (1985), Eritreans voted for independence from Ethiopia (1993), 42 villagers were massacred in Omaria, Algeria (1997), the newly-rebuilt De Adriaan Windmill opened, seventy years to the day after the Haarlem city landmark was lost in a fire (2002), and the first YouTube video was uploaded (2005). And 21 people died in ethnic clashes occurred between social workers and police in Bachu County, in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (2013).


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