Star Trek fans were given two choices this year for Star Trek series.  The first, Star Trek Discovery is an official Paramount/CBS Star Trek that tries to go into a grittier and uglier universe than previous iterations have gone.  There is some heavy changes in “continuity” including anachronisms and events falling out of step with previous shows, as well as a reimaging of Klingons along with other changes to which many fans have objected.  The other, The Orville is a non-Star Trek show was created by Seth MacFarlane as a cross between Star Trek: Next Generation and the movie Galaxy Quest.  This show attempts to bridge the often cerebral topics and morality tales with the silly over the top humor that was so successful in Galaxy Quest.  Of the two, The Orville comes out on top in fan preference.

Of the two shows, in my opinion, The Orville is the true descendant of Trek as it was originally envisioned.  While it is sometimes schlocky, and ham-handed with social issues, and even backs off on tough topics when it could have pushed the issue further, it feels like Trek.  In a world that is already dark enough, the appeal of a dark Trek is not what I thought it would be, even allowing for the flaws in Klingon design or the weird anachronisms.  The Orville is affirming of the goodness of human nature and reflects very highly the hopeful vision that Gene Roddenberry envisioned.

This video doesn’t talk about this much, but rather shows the level of geekdom in the world where someone could actually research proof that Star Trek exists in a science fiction show that is not Trek.  This video is the first that I have watched from this creator, and I’m interested to see what else he says about The Orville


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