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Today House Speaker Paul Ryan said he’ll retire in November to spend more time with his family. Or as Matt Yglesias put it:

The Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman quickly moved Wisconsin’s 1st District from Solid-R to Lean-R, and Vox has an excellent story-stream on Ryan’s retirement, including:

And at the libertarian blog Reason, Peter Suderman admits what Democrats have said for decades:

The deficit estimates that have accompanied tax law and the spending deal do not suggest that the GOP under Trump has not undergone some unexpected personality shift. Even if some members would have preferred a different outcome, the effect of unified Republican rule has been to confirm the party’s true priorities. Paul Ryan, for example, is not disappointed by the course the party has taken during his tenure. “I will leave incredibly proud of what we have accomplished,” he said this morning, citing the deficit-hiking tax law as a “lasting victory.” This is the GOP’s essential nature. Republicans didn’t lose the mantle of fiscal responsibility. They never had it in the first place.

Is the bloom well and truly off the GOP rose, and how long will it take to pick out the thorns?


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