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Today the Washington Post reported that one of the three men indicted in the bombing of a Minnesota mosque had submitted a bid to build the God-King’s precious border wall. Also, the God-King admitted in a fundraising speech that he lied to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about trade with Canada and then made up a story about an American-made car being blocked from the Japanese market after failing a non-existent “bowling ball test.” (The Outhouse Sewer Spewer says the latter story was “a joke.”) Oh, he reportedly wants to hire Fox & Friends co-host and Koch brothers’ lackey Pete Hegseth to privatize VA health care and is working on a plan to execute drug dealers, but hasn’t said a word about a rash of Austin, TX bombings that have targeted families of color. But hey, he finally sanctioned some Russian companies for meddling in the 2016 elections. Isn’t that enough?!?


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