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Today NBC News reported that the God-King was “unglued” when he launched a trade war with steel and aluminum tariffs and the Washington Post’s Philip Bump thinks most Americans probably figured that out for themselves. Meanwhile, the Post’s Randall Eliason reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is tightening the net on the God-King’s inner circle and NBC’s Carol Lee, Julia Ainsley, and Robert Windrem say Mueller is looking at whether Jared Kushner’s business ties influenced U.S. foreign policy as The Intercept’s Clayton Swisher and Ryan Grim report that Kushner switched to supporting a blockade of Qatar just days after Qatari officials refused to loan $180 million to Kushner’s businesses. Oh … and God-King confidante Carl Icahn dumped over $30 million in steel-related stocks last week, just before the God-King announced his steel tariffs. Will the God-King and his cronies go down for influence-peddling and plain old corruption, regardless of whether they helped Russia meddle in our elections?


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