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In opposition to the arbitrary rule of the Teutonic Knights, 53 nobles and clergy in 19 cities formed the Prussian Confederation today (1440). Also, the election of Tsar Mikhail I began Russia’s Romanov Dynasty (1613), the first steam locomotive emerged from Wales’ Pen-y-Darren Ironworks (1804), the Cherokee Phoenix premiered as the first Native American language newspaper in the U.S. (1828), Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish The Communist Manifesto (1848), the first edition of the Oakland Daily Tribune was published (1874), as was the first telephone book, in New Haven, Connecticut (1878), the Washington Monument was dedicated (1885), the last Carolina Parakeet died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo (1918), The New Yorker premiered (1925), Edwin Land debuted the Polaroid Land Camera, the first “instant” camera, at a meeting of the Optical Society of America (1947), NASCAR was incorporated (1948), Britain abolished national identity cards (1952), Gerald Holtom designed the Peace Symbol for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (1958), Malcolm X was assassinated (1965), 47 passengers and crew were killed when a bomb exploded aboard Swissair Flight 330 near Zürich (1970), President Richard Nixon arrived for the first official U.S. visit to the People’s Republic of China, on the same day the Soviet Union’s Luna 20 landed on the Moon (1972), 108 passengers and crew died when an Israeli fighter jet shot down Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 over the Sinai Desert (1973), former U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell and former White House aides H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman were sentenced to prison for their roles in the Watergate Scandal (1975), Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda in Japan (1986), and Steve Fossett landed in Saskatchewan, Canada after completing the first trans-Pacific flight in a hot air balloon (1995). And 17 people were killed when two bombs exploded in Hyderabad, India (2013).



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