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Dovmont of Pskov defeated the Livonian Order of the Sword today (1268). Also, Pakubuwono II founded Surakarta as the new capital city of his Javanese kingdom (1745), Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont, Savoy and Sardinia assumed the title of King of Italy, although the unification of that nation would not be completed for another ten years (1861), the murder of John Tunstall sparked New Mexico’s Lincoln County War (1878), Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published (1885), Edouard de Laveleye founded the Belgian Olympic Committee (1906), air mail began as 23-year-old pilot Henri Pequet carried 6500 letters on a 6-mile flight from Allahabad to Naini in what is now Pakistan (1911), following a coup d’état, Pedro Lascuráin served as President of Mexico for 45 minutes, the shortest recorded term of office in world history (1913), Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto, on the same day Elm Farm Ollie became the first cow to fly in and be milked aboard an airplane (1930), L. Ron Hubbard opened the first Church of Scientology in Los Angeles (1954), The Gambia gained independence (1965), the Chicago Seven were found not guilty of conspiracy to incite riot (1970), Gordon Haller won the first Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii (1978), snow fell in southern Algeria’s Sahara Desert for only the second time in recorded history (1979), 13 people were killed during a robbery at Seattle’s Wah Mee club (1983), FBI agent Robert Hanssen was arrested and charged with spying for the Soviet Union, on the same day NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt died in an accident at the Daytona 500 (2001), 198 people were killed when an arsonist’s fire swept through two subway trains at the Jungangno Station in Daegu, South Korea (2003), 295 people including 182 rescue workers died when a runaway freight train derailed and exploded near Nishapur, Iran (2004), and 68 people were killed when two of five bombs exploded aboard the Samjhuata Express train in Panipat, Haryana, India (2007). And the Euromaidan protests began in Ukraine (2014).


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