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Tradition holds that Emperor Jimmu founded Japan today (660 BCE). Also, Benjamin Franklin opened the Pennsylvania Hospital, the first in what is now the U.S. (1752), the Religious Society of Friends petitioned Congress to abolish slavery (1790), the U.S. Senate opened their proceedings to the public (1794), Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry signed the state legislature’s redistricting plan, including a salamander-shaped district in Essex county that spawned the term “gerrymander” (1812), University College London was founded as the University of London, on the same day Swaminarayan completed the Shikshapatri, a key scripture within Swaminarayan Hinduism (1826), Gaetano Donizetti’s opera La fille du régiment premiered (1840), as did Giuseppe Verdi’s I Lombardi alla prima crociata (1843), Japan’s Meiji Constitution was adopted (1889), Anton Bruckner’s 9th Symphony premiered (1903), Pius X issued the encyclical Vehementer Nos, rejecting the separation of church and state (1906), Emma Goldman was arrested for lecturing on birth control (1916), the Lateran Treaty established the separate Vatican State (1929), General Motors recognized the United Auto Workers, ending a sit-down strike (1937), BBC Television broadcast an adaptation of Karel Čapek’s R.U.R., popularizing the term “robot” and beginning science fiction TV (1938), the Memphis Sanitation Strike began (1968), 87 nations including the U.S., Soviet Union, and Britain signed the Seabed Arms Control Treaty (1971), China lifted the ban on works by Aristotle, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens (1978), the last pro-Shah troops in Tehran were defeated, giving Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini control of Iran (1979), 8 workers were contaminated when 100,000 gallons of radioactive coolant leaked into the containment building of TVA Sequoyah 1 nuclear plant in Tennessee (1981), Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in prison (1990), East Timorese President José Ramos-Horta was wounded in an assassination attempt (2008), Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned, ending the first phase of that nation’s ongoing revolution (2011), and Benedict XVI announced his resignation, making him the first pope to abdicate in over 500 years (2013), 77 people died when an Algerian Air Force transport crashed into Djebel Fertas mountain near Aïn Kercha (2014), and the murder of Özgecan Aslan sparked demonstrations across Turkey protesting violence against women (2015). And 7 people were killed when a gunman attacked an education center in Ad Dair, Saudi Arabia (2016).


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