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After an overnight negotiation, the Roman Senate accepted Claudius as Emperor today (41). Also, an estimated 10,000 people died as a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck Friuli, Italy (1348), Henry VIII secretly married Anne Boleyn (1533), 12 Jesuit priests founded the Colégio de São Paulo de Piratininga, around which grew the city of São Paulo, Brazil (1554), Paulo Dias de Novais founded Luanda, now the capital of Angola (1575), Empress Elizabeth established Moscow University (1755), John Byron founded Port Egmont, the first British village on the Falkland Islands (1765), 4 rebels were killed in the Shays’ Rebellion attack on the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts (1787), the British Parliament passed the Constitutional Act splitting the Province of Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada (1791), John Frost and Thomas Hardy formed the London Corresponding Society to reform Parliament (1792), Felix Mendelssohn Wedding March premiered at the marriage of Royal Princess Victoria to Friedrich of Prussia (1858), the Bulgarian National Bank was established (1879), Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell formed the Oriental Telephone Company (1881), Nellie Bly finished her round-the-world journey in 72 days (1890), Richard Strauss’s Elektra premiered at the Dresden State Opera (1909), Alexander Graham Bell placed a call from New York to Thomas Watson in San Francisco, beginning transcontinental telephone service in the U.S. (1915), Ukraine declared independence from Russia (1918), the first Winter Olympics opened in Chamonix, France (1924), The Guiding Light premiered on NBC radio, whence it would move to CBS television in 1952 and run for a combined 72 years (1924), Pius XII elevated the Vicariate of the Hawaiian Islands to the Diocese of Honolulu (1941), the United Mine Workers rejoined the American Federation of Labor (1946), Thomas Goldsmith Jr. patented the first video arcade game, his Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device (1947), the first Emmy Awards were presented at the Hollywood Athletic Club (1949), the National Association of Broadcasters threatened fines for any disc jockeys caught in the Payola Scandal (1960), John Kennedy gave the first live, televised presidential press conference (1961), Charles Manson and three female followers were convicted of the Tate-LaBianca Murders (1969), India honored Mother Teresa with the Bharat Ratna, the nation’s highest civilian award (1980), 2 CIA employees were killed and 3 wounded when a gunman opened fire outside CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia (1993), NASA launched the Clementine probe (1994), 1000 people died as a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck the Colombian city of Armenia (1999), the Opportunity rover landed on Mars (2004), 258 people died in a stampede at the Mandhradevi temple in Maharashtra, India (2005), three teams simultaneously announced the discovery of OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, the first cool rocky/icy extrasolar planet orbiting a main sequence star (2006), the Arab Spring spread to Egypt (2011), and 61 people died as a riot erupted at the Uribana Prison in Barquisimeto, Venezuela (2013). And at least 67 people including 44 Philippine Special Forces soldiers were killed in a clash with two Islamic militant groups in Mamasapano (2015).


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