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The Praetorian Guards assassinated Caligula and Claudius became Emperor of Rome today (41). Also, England’s Charles II dissolved the Cavalier Parliament (1679), Bavaria’s Charles VII became the first non-Habsburg elected as Holy Roman Emperor in over three centuries (1742), African Muslim slaves in Brazil began the quickly quelled but ultimately pivotal Malê Revolt (1835), James Marshall found gold at Sutter’s Mill near Sacramento, California (1848), the University of Calcutta, the first in South Asia, was founded (1857), Bucharest became Romania’s capital (1862), Robert Baden-Powell established the first Boy Scout troop (1908), the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the federal income tax under Article I and the Sixteenth Amendment, in Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad (1916), the Twentieth Amendment was ratified (1933), an estimated 28,000 people died as a magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck Chillán, the deadliest recorded earthquake in Chilean history (1939), the United Nations General Assembly passed their first resolution, founding the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission (1946), a B-52 carrying two nuclear weapons broke up in midair over Goldsboro, North Carolina, with the uranium core of one bomb never recovered (1961), Japanese Sgt. Shōichi Yokoi was found hiding on Guam, 28 years after U.S. forces recovered the island (1972), 5 labor organizers died as assassins opened fire on a rally near Madrid’s Atocha railway station (1977), the nuclear-powered Soviet Cosmos 954 satellite reentered the atmosphere, scattering radioactive debris over Canada’s Northwest Territories (1978), Voyager 2 passed within 50,000 miles of Uranus (1986), Japan launched the Hiten probe, the first lunar probe since Luna 24 and the first by any nation other than the U.S. or Soviet Union (1990), Polish Prime Minister Józef Oleksy resigned after news reports linked him to KGB officer Vladimir Alganov (1996), the Department of Homeland Security began operations (2003), 26 people died as Cyclone Klaus made landfall near Bordeaux, France (2009)and 37 people were killed as a suicide bomber attacked Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport (2011). And 7 people were killed when three bombs exploded in Cairo, on the same day the Philippines and the Bangsamoro signed an agreement to end 45-years of civil unrest (2014).


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